MXD Pool

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Join our pool today!

Multipool with cross pool web chat for real time community support.

  • Eth
  • Dash
  • DGB

We will be adding other coins as we go depending on how the market goes or suggestions

As we grow we will be giving a % away to a lucky winner monthly :) We are trying too be everything the other pools are note. Driven by a passion for what we do.


Mxd Pool is a highly profitable mining pool that is very active in development and expanding.

If there is any coin that you are missing in our pool list please leave me a message here or send an email to [email protected]

We currently have four pools:

Ethereum - Ethash (Dagger-Hashimoto)

DASH - X11

Startcoin - X11

Digibyte - Sha256

We are working fast to expand our pools and would appreciate requests for pools to add.

MXD Mining Pools are coded with the best performance optimizations possible to provide YOU the miner with the fastest returns to your hash power possible.

The Pool website is: (all other pools can be accessed through all other pool sites)

The chat: We have a cross pool chat so you can communicate with all other miners on the website at one time across all of the other pools.

Thanks for using our pools! - Henke

Happy Mining


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