Big scam ! > This wallet

Hi, sorry for my english I'm french

There is a wallet; but it's a big scam, do not use it !

There is an app on the google play store that I used , and my friend used it too :

I used this app for some month, but a few weeks ago, the app display an error message, and on the etherchain, all my eth was gone.

All the ETH of my friends, and mine, gone to a final adress, a Shapeshift adress. I contacted them, but the Ethereum were converted into Bitcoin and are not anymore in Shapeshift (Thanks Shapeshift for their fast and efficient support )

I contacted Google by Mail, Online Chat, and Call, but they can't do anything, they are useless..
I contacted Google US support but it's difficul to speak English at Phone, and they removed the app but you can still Google the app and download it

I searched and contacted some users of the app to tell them to change wallet because it's a scam

The developper doesn't answer of course

Reviews of the app:

Here is a link to my wallet:
And the one of my friend:
You can see a payment to 0xE63832228672B597bF5498aec1954D5fA33727D3 from my wallet and my friend's wallet
And on 0xE63832228672B597bF5498aec1954D5fA33727D3 you can see a lot of payment to this adress the same date

Let's see more details on reddit:


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