Computer becomes first to pass Turing Test in artificial intelligence milestone


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    Yeah so apparently, this wasn't the Turing test at all, which is itself pretty weak (only needs to kinda look human to 30% of humans involved within 5 minutes)

    - Program was meant to be a child ('How could know this, after all he's just a child)
    - Program was meant to be Ukrainian ('How could he know this Pop music question, he's not from the US')
    - Program was mean to have english as a second language ('It's normal for him to sound odd, after all I don't speak Ukrainian myself)

    Add to this:
    - Questions you could ask it where restricted (I'm afraid 'wouldn't it be weird if you were talking to a dog' wasn't allowed)
    - There was no 'super computer' involved, just a regular PC running a chat bot.

    TL;DR: Love you Mr Turing, but these test are more marketing than science :)
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    Thanks for putting it in perspective Stephan
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