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Hi, I'm starting to chip away a corner of a clojure implementation of ethereum (hope to roll it in with this guy's early steps https://github.com/pelle/clothereum)

I'm trying to make sense of the "address" command in LLL, which is undocumented, but used in the POC5 NameReg example. In serpent, there is a msg.sender property, but it seems this maps onto the LLL "caller" command. I always thought that the concept of "caller" and "sending address" are synonymous, but I'm a newb to the code. Then I thought it might refer to the destination address, but at the top level contracts don't really have a "destination address" from what I can tell.

Can someone straighten me out on the meaning of these? If not, I'll start spelunking in the cpp codebase.

EDIT: Here is the contract I'm referring to... What is the purpose of the two lines of code at the top? https://github.com/ethereum/cpp-ethereum/wiki/LLL-Examples-for-PoC-5#name-registrar
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