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  • Re: Is there any hope to get GPUs anymore?

    Wow sounds pretty bad then. Guess we just have to wait. Downside is time is kind of critical.

    Also heard that the manufacturers won't be reving up production, so it means when they do come out they'll just sell out fast again.
    why is time critical? Mining has been around for a very long time... and every month people say "you're too late..."... and yet every month profits keep soaring.

    Just get them when you can... and don't worry about it.
  • Re: One rig with 56 gpus?

    11 cards
    Check your breaker panel to see if you have 15a or 20a brakers.
    most common in north america is 15a.

    If it's 15a, i think 10-11 cards will be pushing it. You'd want NOTHING ELSE on that breaker.

    If it's 20a, i think you could set up a 13 card rig single mining on it.
    Both of my mining rigs are about 2050w constant draw from the outlets. (using wemo insight and kill-a-watt meters to confirm exact draw.)

    that would cook a 15a circuit.... but is just a bit under the limit of a 20a breaker.

  • Re: One rig with 56 gpus?

    11 for now, and 2 more in a near future.
    I think you misunderstood my point.
    if 11 is working ok, then your next rig should be able to be 11.

    But I recommend having that plugged into a 20a circuit... or multiple circuits.

  • Re: One rig with 56 gpus?

    do you have all 11 plugged into one outlet on the wall? Is it hot? I assume it's 20amp?
    You don't need to stick to 8 if you think you can get 11 running ok.
  • Re: One rig with 56 gpus?

    Short answer, for your specific H110+ board, your max is 13 cards. (due to chipset)
    I have tried more. It does not work.

    Long answer,
    You have a few things to consider.
    • Mobo chipset.
    • OS
    • Drivers
    • Electrical consumption.
    you need your motherboard to have enough chipset pathways to have more cards

    For example, I have that same H110 BTC+ board with 13 cards.
    I tried plugging in one of those 4-1 splitters with 14 cards. Bios wouldn't post. Nadda.
    I removed the 14th card but the bios was still frozen.
    I had to reset the bios to resolve the issue and get my 13 cards running again.

    Assuming you have a motherboard with an awesome chipset, the next limitation you'll have is OS.
    As mentioned above, windows sucks. How do you solve this? Don't use windows.
    I suggest going to and making an account. It's the best mining software I've ever found. up and running with 13 cards in less than an hour. (Linux based but you need zero experience with linux)

    And the next limitation is driver support.
    I can't recall what the max is but you can't have 56 generic AMD cards hooked up.
    I think the only cards that can be at that total is the mining specific Nvidia cards.

    Ultimately, the bigger problem is electricity fed from the city. How the heck are you going to power 56 cards? You'll need to get a breaker panel custom done with QUITE A FEW circuits so that you can power all of that.
    I think you'd need at least 200a service to your house... and you'd likely need to remove most electrical things from your house. (oven... lights... electrical outlets for misc non-mining things... disconnect them all at the breaker). Your house will look like a grow op once you're done with all the electrical.

    Even with 13 cards, I find I need to run extension cords everywhere to get things going. (so I'm in multiple 15a circuits.)
    If you want something that can be stand alone without making a mess in your house, I suggest having 8 cards per rig.
    If your house has 20a circuits, maybe you'd be ok with 12-13 card rigs.