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  • Re: Do developers need to consider legal consequences for the Dapps they create?

    The gambling DAPP's so far have tended to focus on proven fair gambling. In that regard, they offer a better and safer alternative to normal internet gambling sites which have no transparency at all. But the most surprising thing about Ethereum and cryptoeconomics in general is that 'gambling' algorithms are so much a part of the security of the blockchain itself.

    The power of Ethereum is not that it can build boats that float or sink according to ethics, laws and regulators, but is a tide that floats all boats in spite of the moral or regulatory arguments. That is the essence of it as a disruptive technology.

    So far the regulators have simple sat and watched. The responses from different nations authorities have spanned the spectrum but most seem more open to Ethereum than Bitcoin though the latter would seem much less disruptive. On average, I think most of them have realised they going to have to simply get use to it being around. The smarter ones seem to be trying to work out how to befriend it and have even gone as far as saying the effects of "We're watching ICO's but probably won't do anything about them". Which is basically say "If ya's all get scammed, we don;t give a shit", "If you don't pay tax on your $100m ICO, no big deal"

    I think the regulators are trying not to look like they're staring into an abyss.

    That said, the serious ICO teams have all sought good legal advice and have tried to run as close as possible with the regulatory frameworks of their jurisdictions. Unfortunately, 'jurisdiction', doesn't mean much in a nation agnostic technology. So 'good legal advice' in this field is still emerging for the very fact that the regulatory environments have not been able to catch up. This is why you get things like EOS saying "US citizens can't participate in our ICO" and then advertise their ICO on Time Square digital billboards.

    However, outright scams are generally well covered under criminal law and there's been numerous successful prosecutions of perpetrators in the crypto-currency field. But you have to find them first.

    As for kids becoming addicted to Ethereum gambling DAPPs, you could simply write down the predictable daily loss ratio and stick it on the monitor for them.....then introduce them to speculative trading instead.
  • Re: Something I would like to know about smart contracts

    The other big problem with push payments, especially to multiple parties is that it usually requires an unbounded loop. This is problematic given the various gas limitations imposed on the system. It also means that if payment to one recipient fails, it can throw the whole contract, preventing payment to the others also.
  • Re: Mistake while building an EIP20-compatible token with rational numbers

    Interesting project!

    Without back tracing too much,
     balanceOfRationals[to_] = Rational.add(balanceOfRationals[to_], value_);
    ends up passing a 0 value denom to:
    function simplify(RationalNumber a) internal returns (RationalNumber res) {
    require (a.denom != 0); // Prevent rational numbers with improper denominator ('division by 0')
  • Re: Helpdesk not functional. Cant find my presale JSON worth $700,000.00

    So what's with the Cryptsy TX? You exchanged to eth and sent it to your presale wallet without having the JSON file?

    In no way fun to think about, but without that JSON, it's burned. The foundation made it very clear that a loss of the presale wallet is a permanent loss of all ether it contains.
  • Re: Ethereum Community Forum Data

    As a mod, my powers seem only to extend to 'human spam filter' and can't access the analytics myself and am not sure what analytics Vanilla Forums can do. I can tell you though that we've been getting in the order of 100 new members each day for the past several months. Before that it was more like 20 a day which was fairly constant over the past year.