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  • Re: Ethereum Mining Pool Hub - 0% Fee, pays all kind of mining rewards, supports all miner programs

    Your costs are not directly proportional to the hashrate of your pool, so with a percentage fee, the larger miners end up subsidizing the smaller ones. A fixed plus percentage fee would be better for both you and for larger miners. For example if you charged 0.5% + 0.005 eth/day of active mining, you'd get the same revenue from someone mining 1 eth/day. For small miners with just a single GPU you'd get more revenue, and for big miners with > 1GH/s, the fees could be low enough to keep them from dropping out of the pool to mine solo.

    Maybe we would benefit big miners by lowering fee as you stated.
    We'll consider it carefully.

    Thank you for your suggestion.
  • Re: Ethereum Mining Pool Hub - 0% Fee, pays all kind of mining rewards, supports all miner programs

    @work help me interpret this: here is my dashboard claymore says im hashing at 126 mh/s, and my graph confirms this to be around the average

    what is interesting though is that it seems at 11pm every night, my computer stops hashing? you can see it clearly in the middle, and then on the far left it looks like it did it last night as well. I don't know why it would do this.

    Far left showing lower hashrate is known bug.
    It's because pool removes old share data and it makes your hashrate look much lower. Everybody experiences similar behaviour on our pool. I will fix this issue. I had to deal with other important things and delayed fixing it. (Anybody complained about it. I thought that it's not that critical)

    Lower hashrate at the middle of the graph seems like affected by pool restart or network connection error from your side.
    (Pool restarted yesterday due to nicehash port support. It took less than 1 minute)

    I have some questions.

    1. Does it happen again and again? Or only one time?
    2. Have you set failover server? Where did you set?
    3. Do you have some logs from your miner at that time?
  • Re: Ethereum Mining Pool Hub - 0% Fee, pays all kind of mining rewards, supports all miner programs

    @miningpoolhub tried using your pool for 6hrs and so far I am no where near my estimated earnings. So far earned - Ethereum 0.16671591 (6hrs)

    Mined from and estimated earnings "never missed" per day.
    per hour - .05

    With your pool I am already behind .2+++

    I might go back to if after 24hrs I do not get my earnings what I am supposed to get.

    Any logic explanation/s???


    BTW: your pool is like WEIPOOL that gives no where near the estimated earnings (MY OPINION ONLY).
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.


    Here's explanations.

    (1) Pool luck fluctuate very much for short period of time.
    - Ethereum Mining Pool Hub is quite small pool still.
    - Some day, pool luck percentage decreases under 75% (lower the better), but sometimes it increases more than 110%. This 30% like variation is becasue of small pool limitation, and it's not about the bug or error of pool.

    (2) Your credits may be delayed a bit.
    - Pool distribute coins about average 15~40 minutes interval. Your credits shown on dashboard may delayed.
    - Pool uses 200 confirmations for confirmed blocks.

    Internally, eth-proxy + ethminer works quite similar as other proxy or standalone miner from pool side.

    We will release all-in-one miner soon, we hope you try our pool again then.