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  • Re: Ethereum Mining Pool Hub - 0% Fee, pays all kind of mining rewards, supports all miner programs

    I'm mining on Coinotron from 4 February. They have the same payment PPLNS, from the first day they almost match the payment calculator for +/- 2-3%. You have two days (I test with UTC23:00 31.03 - 23:00 02.04) - less than 14% on average.
    and you may be scam. it is very similar to that.

    You told us that you mined one day at first and now you are saying you mined two days.
    You already told us goodbye, wished us good luck, but you were still mining?
    What is your intention? To attack pool? saying SCAM without any proof?

    And even if you really did that, you just hopped in and out within three days, so PPLNS policy worked against you two times because you didn't mine continually.
    Keep in mind that PPLNS is based on block round, this policy affects drastically on small pools more.
    If one pool finds 60 blocks and the other pool finds 600 blocks a day, PPLNS effect is nearly 10 times bigger for smaller pools.

    We've been running pool service for more than two years.
    We had many troubles, difficulties to overcome like DDoS attack, fake shares, attack from other pools, hard fork issues, etc.
    We are not pool operators like opening one day and closing next week, stealing coins.

    We compensated when coin hard fork issue happened. It happened on Digibyte, Vertcoin, and Feathercoin.
    We also compensated when network connection port had some problem. It happened on Maxcoin.
    You may find our compensation history from each pool's news section or bitcointalk's thread.
    We gained trust by running pools for a long time. This can't be done one day, needed several months.

    Pool efficiency may vary much, and we can't guarantee that technically.
    But it's totally different thing to say that we are SCAM.

    There's quite many miners on ethereum pool currently. Many of them would have left if they see their mining reward is much smaller than other pools. Like you, most of them are from other ethereum pools, so they know average reward they should get.
    Actually I received many messages that they started to get more reward than before.

    Tell me your id then. I'll check if there were any mining problem with your account.