Why and How to do an ICO?

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In ICOs, like other businesses, the main motivation should be solving a real issue as opposed to just making money. If you don’t have a problem to solve, you don’t have a business to build! There are many examples of problems that the blockchain community is solving with innovative ICO projects. A company can engage in an ICO that allows borderless credits at lower rates in developing countries. Another example is an ICO that increases security of information or efficiency in their transmission. ICOs can also be for the finer things of life, like allowing better matching of couples based on genetic data or allowing the rich and famous more ways to enjoy life anonymously.

What do you need for a successful ICO?

At least $250,000 for a good ICO
Good connections with the target community
Quality people on your team
Long term strategy

What can you compensate it with?

You need to motivate people with sweat equity
You can build good connections in three to four months
You can maintain an organization that will continue developing the project after you are gone

Alternatives to ICOs

The fact of the matter is that the flexibility, enthusiasm and opportunities that ICOs represent are difficult to match with any kind of alternatives.  The returns on the invested time and capital compared to the raised amounts of money are unmatched by any other funding source today.


Be sure to solve the technical problem before the ICO starts!
Be sure to have a good and professional policy for hiring the right people and agencies – ensure contracts are signed with all partners
Make sure your company is incorporated in a location where you won’t have legal problems


Always be transparent and truthful to potential investors – act like the SEC is involved and Interpol is watching.  You also need to provide the investors with the level of quality they deserve.


ICOs are the only available business area where a simple whitepaper can get you millions.  However, it is also limited to members of a relatively small community. The trick is to also attract people outside the blockchain community.
How do you go about this?

Prepare a crypto pitch desk for VCs and angels. Make the onboarding easy by preparing videos and tips
Prepare an ICO investment prospectus for institutional investors and show them examples of ROI
Do your kliken-putzen and visit every wealthy individual you know with customized stories

Bounty Campaign

The bounty campaign is a set or rewards that companies give to make people continuously contribute time or connections to the ICO.  These bounty campaigns will yield best results if they are customized.  No two ICOs are the same and the bounty campaign needs to vary accordingly.  The average contributions range from $120 to $1,100.  That means that the majority of investments are relatively small.   Do you want to follow the crowd as well and aim as small-scale investors?

For instance, if you standardize rewards for twitter retweets depending on the number of followers the people have, you would miss an important variable. Around 1,000 artificial followers on twitter can be bought for as little as $7 so you might be wasting a part of your bounty budget to reward people who bring absolute no value to you. However there is a way, a semi-automatic one to qualify bounty participants and make sure they bring value to you.


Although ICOs started as a product of technically savvy visionaries, most members of the community and big investors are not into the technical details of projects.  The way projects are presented should be tailored to the founders’ target audience.

You can send your Whitepaper or pitch deck to a person who can give constructive criticism or even send a courteous and professional email to people you do not know but whom you can get feedback from.  These are the people you would like to have as advisers or promoters of your ICO.

The simpler your business model and slogan is, the easier it would be for the investors to understand.  If you are not a marketing expert with a high dose of implicit empathy, you would need to get feedback from others to achieve this.


It is part of TSM Global’s initiative to educate the public on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. We would like to provide correct and comprehensive understanding of ICOs and cryptocurrencies to help give the public the tools needed to make informed decisions on their investments. It would include educational tools in a variety of areas, including protection from scams and wallet security.

What are your thoughts about this? Your feedback and suggestions are encouraged.

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