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pragma solidity ^0.4.0;
contract Ballot {
address buyingtickets; // the address people will pay to in order for a chance to win in the lottery

address aticketforthelottery; // 1 address that payed ether to buyingtickets
aticketforthelottery [] peoplewhoareenrolledinthelottery; // creating an array for all the people that payed ether to buying tickets

if (buyingtickets.payable = 0.5 eth) { // if someone send 0.5 ether to buying tickets
buyingtickets.tx.orgin = peoplewhoareenrolledinthelottery; // then whoever sent the transaction is not apart of the array named peoplewhoareenrolledinthelottery
This code is simply storing the addresses of people into an array to those that pay 0.5 ether to buying tickets address. I am new to solidity and coding in general any tips to how this code be fixed in the remix IDE.
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