99miners.com - Small and efficient mining pool

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Here is a small and efficient Ethereum pool with friendly interface and low fees.

Income fees 0.5%
Withdrawals every 10 minutes for balances over 0.1 ETH
Free telegram bot to monitor workers

We can offer special conditions for miners with hashrate over 1GH/s. Please, feel free to contact.


  • kondratovich1kondratovich1 Member Posts: 14
    We are happy to inform, that Claymore's miner support is released!

    We are using Nicehash stratum protocol version, so do not forget to configure it:
    -esm 3 option for Claymore
    -SP 2 option for ethminer
  • fukado113fukado113 Member Posts: 4
    Hello development team of Coinotron
    I am from Vietnam and I would like to cooperate with you to deploy and develop your Ethereum digging system in my country to maximize sales and profits. We will bear the cost of placing servers, advertising and operating systems in the country, to maximize the potential of the system. If you agree to respond to me via email: vanthanhtung2612@gmail.com, we will work directly with you through Skype to plan. Looking forward to hear from you, thanks for reading
  • kondratovich1kondratovich1 Member Posts: 14
    We have updated our infrastructure.

    We have 2 pool endpoints:
    ue1.99miners.com:5000 is located in Paris, France.
    ue2.99miners.com:5000 is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

    If you are interested in new endpoints close enough to your location, feel free to ask!

    You can configure your miner software to use failover pool endpoints.
    All endpoints use vardiff technology to adopt to miner's hashrate.
  • kondratovich1kondratovich1 Member Posts: 14
    We have release earnings estimate view. This feature can be found at Payouts page.
    Earnings are calculated based on current network stats and miner hashrate.
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