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BigBoss1986BigBoss1986 Member Posts: 7
Hello fellow members I am new to Ethereum. I love it and I know how much of a game changer it is but here is my problem. I just recently went to a website called: and was on the CUSP of by buying some REAL Ethetum but was told by this company my debit card was not VISA VERIFED but here is the kicker that day I went to my local bank BB&T and they have never heard of it!! Now I am not saying this website is a scam because I really DONT KNOW but you guys may not know how crazy it is to have...REAL money to invest and be denied its like being in the twilight zone!! so I had to talk to some experts on this. I would appreciate if the suggestions on this subject are relatively simple and comprensive ways of buying Ethereum. I am...NEW at this stuff...sorry for the off grammar and thanks!!

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  • coinkircoinkir PakistanMember Posts: 16
    Ya first you need to verify your account any official Ethereum Website then you able to buy Ethereum on that Website.

    Can Read this Step By Step guide to Buy Ethereum HereThe Guide also for Biginer.
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    I did verify my account. I sent a selfie of myself holding my I.D, the websites name and the day written on a piece of paper and plus I sent another photo of my I.D card in greater detail. I did it all by the book. My problem is getting Visa Verifed and talking to someone with my unique problem because I may very well run into the same brick wall with other websites. Man...why do I feel cryptos are a secret boys club!! Appreciate the advice though.
  • BigBoss1986BigBoss1986 Member Posts: 7
    To coinkir I just bought some today from coinmama. I was just
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    I am planning to buy Ethereum too , so I am also interested in this kind information.
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    Useful information for those who only planning to buy Ethereum
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