[HIRING] Experienced Solidity and Crypto devs for an ICO project - work from home (worldwide)

ladrladr Member Posts: 2
SecureScore (https://www.securescore.io) is looking for experienced solidity developers and crypto devs to help create a self-sovereign, secure-by-design identity and trust network to disrupt the legacy credit industry with rich multi-dimensional trust scores. We aim to serve not only large enterprise, but also individuals and the unbanked and underbanked, and to help eliminate modern slavery and unsustainable production practices by increasing transparency and accountability.

Technologies under development and consideration include:
  • Ethereum
  • IPFS
  • IPDB
  • Proxy re-encryption
  • homomorphic encryption
  • zero knowledge proofs
  • machine-readable contracts
After an initial phase on the Ethereum livenet, We will migrate to our own blockchain for capacity and transaction cost reasons.

We're offering compensation in tokens, crypto, fiat and/or equity. If you're interested, please send information with relevant experience, projects, github, etc. We have more information available as well, including an unreleased white paper


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