Capdax – The Answer to The Problems of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Normally when we visit a cryptocurrency exchange, we are bombarded with fancy wording and all the pomp and show of “professionalism”. No matter how these websites try to be user-friendly, they fail to do so.

Because the owners try to run with the trends of “sophistication”. I might add here that while the race to being the most visited cryptocurrency exchange in the world is falling short of innovation—nevertheless the fact that competition begets change for the good—there are certain people who have sensed this and have brought about the solution.

Meet Capdax. Friendly, smooth, and ingenious.
Why is it different?
You might think that I am over-emphasizing everything. However, the fact is that anything that promises a change is what surprises and yet inspires me. Capdax is particularly that thing.

Allow me to present reasons.
1) Social Trading
There was simple trading and now, there is social trading. As the name implies, the pioneers of Capdax have managed to socialize the very fabric of trading. Through this platform, leaders and novice traders alike can reap the benefits. For example, the leaders or expert investors can help their followers in investing in the right place. They can not only help but generate income from the guidance through fees from the followers and make a name of their own. As for the new investors, they can follow the footsteps of these expert investors and never get lost.
2) The user modes
The present cryptocurrency exchanges are lacking fluent user experience. Being expert cryptocurrency investors, the creators have gone through this bad experience and that is why they have totally overhauled the very dynamics of the user experience of an exchange.

There are two modes in Capdax.
• Basic: this mode is meant for the newcomers. Without cluttering the page with redundant graphs and confusing order form, Capdax allows them to place orders and interact without facing any problems.
• Expert: while new traders might be bewildered by the presented data, experts actually look for them. This is why a separate mode has been created in Capdax for those that want to see how things are going.
3) Premium support
Capdax gives the freedom for users who want to unlock the full potential of the platform. Unlike rest of the platforms, it has left no discrepancy in providing the traders with the opportunities to interact, exchange, and evolve as a community of investors that can look to each other for assistance.
4) Token model
The token model of the Capdax is based on the Ethereum ERC20. The major functionality of XCD is its use in the exchange fee. There’s more: these tokens can even be used on other cryptocurrency exchanges that support the ERC20. Since the main engine that it works on is Ehtereum, the model basically follows the “POS” feature. For any trader, this means that the more XCD they have in their Capdax Exchange wallet, the larger would be their share in the exchange fee.
There’s something for everyone in this token model, especially for those that don’t have XCD. They can have their exchange fee deducted from the base currency of their trade and at the same time execute an automatic purchase of the token.
5) Build from the ground up for growth
As I said earlier, the founders of the Capdax have experienced the dilemmas of the crypto exchanges because they’ve been avid investors themselves. There wasn’t anyone but them who stepped forward to relieve the crypto investors of those jargons. And following their motivation, they came up with Capdax – the cryptocurrency exchange that provides friendly user experience, tough security, caring customer service, efficient website, and the tools such as social trading, market research page, and much more.

Seeing the simplification which Capdax renders its users and its implications for the future of trading, I must say that it is a platform that can gather both the new and the seasoned investors under one roof, all the while giving each of them their own space where they have every requisite of respective trading. With the implementation of their previous knowledge about the trading, the founders have managed to produce a place that would be known as a milestone in the history of cryptocurrency trading. I must recommend you be a part of this historical event. The public crowd sale of the XCD is just a few days away. Get ready for February 17, 2018! Join the waiting list now.


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