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    Thor1400 said:

    Why does the Nicehash GUI miner not support the ethash algorithm and btw why does the Memory manufacturer affect mining performance? I've heard that it depends on latency and that's why the GDDR5X memory on the 1080 isn't ideal but I get about 23MH/s with my 1080 (Micron) and my brothers 1060 (Hynix) gets only about 22MH/s when using Claymore's dual miner on Windows 10 with the following OC for both cards:
    boost clock +100MHz
    memory clock +950MHz
    power target at 65%

    and some people report a bit higher hashrates of at least 24MH/s...

    Someone correct me if i am wrong but in Nicehash Dagger-Hashimoto = Ethash algo.

  • maxshah912maxshah912 Member Posts: 15
    Got question
    How many memory error are acceptable error per hour on HWiNFO64. I am getting approximately 25 error hour is that okay ?
    My hash rate on cards drop after hour but my effective hash on pool is above my current hash.

    Also we’re can I find custom moded bios for few different model of RX 580 includes memory speed and power so I don’t have to OC using afterburner. Or Wattman. My pc freezes so hard to open those stuff.
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    Just recently I decided to start mining. I started with 8 Nvidia GPUs (gtx 1070) and use Ubuntu 16.04 as my os. I'm mining with Claymore. Everything was going well until I decided to add more GPUs to my rig. Because of the extremely high prices on Nvidia GPUs, I opted to use AMD (sapphire nitro + Rx 580). I installed the correct driver but when I rebooted my rig, I get to the login screen but I'm not able to log in the OS. I get this error msg " bbswitch: no suitable _DMS call found" and it goes back to the login screen. Can someone help me? I've been looking everywhere on the internet and can't find a solution?
  • russionrussion Member Posts: 1
    Thank you, man. From now, I will make evverything right!
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