- become the owner of all ICO

When was the last time you’ve been playing games? What was your favorite game in your childhood? What kind of game you are still playing nowadays?
This game is Monopoly. Every 7th person in the world play this game.
Also you are interested in blockchain, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?
So why not combine these two of your interests into one?

Meet the next generation game - CRYPTOPOLY! is a multiplayer game based on the popular game Monopoly, but have the possibility of earning and withdrawing real money!
Why you only buying tokens from only one ICO? Become the owner of all ICOs, create the cryptoworld!

Do not even try this game if you're afraid that this will infatuate you for a long time!


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    Hello friends!

    We are happy to inform you that our game "Cryptopoly", which we created for you has become much better.
    We made several changes:
    - optimized, the game started to load faster;
    - added a referral system, so that you can earn by attracting other players. Up to 20% !!
    You can earn bounty ICO companies, and you can earn 20% in crypto!
    - added VIP accounts;
    - improved visual design in the Transaction;
    - fixed a bug with the Pump & Dump field;
    - added another option to replenish the balance.

    We are waiting for you in the game.

    Take all the crypts of the World!
    Become the richest in the crypto world!
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    Hello everybody!

    It is very pleasant that "Cryptopoly" is gaining more and more fans. And even more so, we are pleased that such a publication as Cryptocompare ( turned its attention to us.
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    Win a competition and get the prize!
    We are happy to announce the «Cryptopoly» game competition, wich starts next week. The competition type will be called «everybody for himself» and begins on 18th pf December and lasts till 24th of December.
    The winner will get the prize - 200 000 satoshi on his wallet.

    You can find out the rules and conditions of the competition on the website in the news section of your account.
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    Hello all!
    We are happy to sum up the tournament on the game "Cryptopoly" (, which ended last week.
    The winner and the owner of the main prize in 200 000 satoshi became the player with the nickname SSD120.
    Congratulations to all participants who have won prizes, and look forward to new players in our game!
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