poloniex.com 4 days is sending money!

leventlevent Member Posts: 16


I bought ethereum 4 days ago.

My account still did not send ETH.

Is there anyone who has experienced the same problem?


  • YogiYogi Member Posts: 147 ✭✭
    Im not a member of staff for Poloniex but I know some facts that might help put your mind at rest.

    1. Poloniex have never not sent anything to me personally.
    2. They have recently had a huge spike in user growth leading to a lot of extra processing and slowing down certain otherwise normal processes
    3. enabling 2 factor authentication on your account will remove a lot of potential issue with withdrawal especially if the withdrawal can look suspicious (not from your normal IP, larger amount, first amount)

    As long as you have done everything correctly and input the correct wallet and amounts I'm sure you will get it, it might just take some time. I hope this helps.
  • ECOdECOd Member Posts: 4
  • leventlevent Member Posts: 16
    No problem, I got the money.
    took a long time. 7 day
  • BikuyBikuy Member Posts: 20
    Yes, I had this problem and had to contact their support and they fixed it...after like...a month!

  • dimsoePdimsoeP Member Posts: 12
    Does one need to be verified on Poloniex in order to withdraw large amounts? I think not, because it's only a crypto-to-crypto exchange. Try contacting their support if there's no need for verification, and it still doesn't work.
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