Cleaning Up This Forum... NEW MEMBERS, PLEASE READ.

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Most of you already know that our forum has grown a lot, almost 100 new members a day. The forum is being flooded with a ton of discussions, most of which have already been talked about. I understand new members are trying to learn and need help, but now there is way too much clutter. I have to start deleting repeat posts.

To new members, please use the search bar for any question you may have BEFORE posting it, most likely your question has been asked before and you'll find an answer there. Just use keywords, go through the posts, and do research.

If anyone sees a post that is spam or a repeat topic, mark it as spam or PM the link to it and I'll take of it.

Thank you everyone...It's great to see our crypto community growing so much :)


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    There is no search on the mobile version of the site, click on full site.
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    I'm not sayin dont post at all. I'm referring to my personal experience with doing dozens if not hundreds of hours of research before even signing up to the forum. It stopped me asking "bios mod plz", "need timing straps", "whats diff between memory types", "whats the best card?", "how much eth will I get per month?". Literally, 90% of the posts here are spam. Theres absolutely no denying that. 60 seconds of searching and reading can answer most please-spoon-feed-me-info posts/threads. People would really wait days for a response than put 60 seconds of effort into getting that info blows my mind.
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    Hi all,

    I'm quite a new member in ETH mining (started this week). I have a couple of questions and I'm not sure where to post them. It seems that the "support" of this pool is pretty offline. It would be great if there would be a "support" area in this forum where everyone can post their doubts and problems, and then re-post them in the many topics to organize the info.

    This being said, please allow me to post my quick question. I got 1 "invalid". Should I worry or is it normal to get these sometimes? Besides this, everything seems to be running ok, except for the fact that I've been mining for 3 days and my balance is 0.015 ETH using 24Mhas/s.
    My account is: 8cb3bd9473B2A30FF99CFcFF3Db6B1E9A288e64B , in case you want to take a look in order to help.

    Thanks in advance and happy mining! :)
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    What I tend to find is that a lot of old answers are a bit stale. Sure, the questions sound like the same old problems, but sometimes the answer is a little different than it was in April 2016. Yes, there does appear to be some spoonfeed me please going on, but a lot of posting comes after hours of frustration and searching.

    @arghsoul - the invalid isn't usually an issue unless you get them all the time. They're normal. I think your yield sounds reasonable mining into a pool with your hash. I get about .1 every 2 days with 85M. Oddly, when I look at your account, it looks like you received a little over .1 from the pool, but you've sent out 2 transaction that add up to more than that? Not sure how that works :smile:
  • leroy627leroy627 Member Posts: 12
    erstweal said:

    Oddly, when I look at your account, it looks like you received a little over .1 from the pool, but you've sent out 2 transaction that add up to more than that? Not sure how that works :smile:

    He sent two TXes to the Status ICO contract, both failed, fee of 0.01ETH each.

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    Yes this is usually a problem with forums. Duplicate postings
  • nana123nana123 Member Posts: 4
    Please bring this about me, I still do not understand about this.

  • josh5901josh5901 Member Posts: 36
    I agree and i joined this site after nearly a week of googling and searching for answers. I have troubleshot my way through the majority of issues on my own but i made a post and put up all my info asking for assistance to optimize my rig. So far? About 70 views and no replies.
    I DID use google and have searched the site but it seems no one is using my rig except a guy on youtube who showed how to build it and he won't reply nor will i get answers in there.
    One simple question was about OC'ing the Core of the GPU and what purpose it has. (nvidia 1060). I will be patient and see if someone responds though.
    Thank you for the site. I know i will gain info that will be very valuable to me and i know that i can help others at some point, which to me is even better!
  • eSports3eSports3 Hangzhou, ChinaMember Posts: 7
    Hello moderators I have posted a new topic and am having trouble finding it, may someone please help me find it,

    I posted it in the General Project Discussion (non-technical) part of this forum.

    Thank you
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    Can I make a suggestion to the moderators. I'm new to the site but I've struggled to find howto stickies you often find on other forums. Boysies thread on increasing the RX480 hashrate is fantastic but it requires ploughing through perhaps 50 pages to get the full picture once others have contributed. I've resorted to google to try to find discussions on this website that are relevant - and the tutorials lack the detail the long thread discussions have.
  • RontonimoRontonimo Member Posts: 6
    It's the way the forum is set up, sub topics needed to be made of the most common topic questions.
  • BikuyBikuy Member Posts: 20
    A really simple question I have - why mine at all? Historically buying and hodlin has always been more profitable. Why mine? Why all the hassle when you can just buy and hold?
  • shavillshavill Los AngelesMember Posts: 16
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    Bikuy said:

    A really simple question I have - why mine at all? Historically buying and hodlin has always been more profitable. Why mine? Why all the hassle when you can just buy and hold?

    It's quite ironic that the topic is to search for answers, and then questions like this are asked.

    I'm new to Vanilla, but have no problem finding answers in here. Good job, Great Site!
  • glenn_txglenn_tx Member Posts: 67
    I Agree with author 100%. Users need to put a little effort in before just writing questions. I'm a technology consultant by trade. I see it all the time. Everybody is too lazy to find the information themselves. They just wanted it handed it to them. here here!
  • FauziFauzi Member Posts: 1
    oke i will try what do you want, thank you
  • NekroNekro Member Posts: 16
    oh, almost 100 new members a day, great.
  • PappiPappi Member Posts: 3
    eire said:

    Your point is valid however if nobody posted and just searched your forum would die....

    as annoying as some of these posts are they keep forums alive regardless of the subject or forum purpose

    Yes it's meant to be like that. I've seen it before lol. Later there will be an announcement saying "no replying to old post older than x months."
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    Okay how do I delete a discussion started by me?
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,280 mod
  • myetherminemyethermine Hong KongMember Posts: 2
    Hi Forum,
    I am totally new here and loving the community, although this decision can go wrong in the favor of keeping this forum alive because of no activeness.

    I still think this forum can be a great place for every Ethereum investor.

    Happy Hunting
  • nicoyaconicoyaco Member Posts: 5
    Why my post doesnt get approved?
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,280 mod
    Hi @nicoyaco,

    You were flooding the forum. Please see this announcments. I've moved your remaining post into the 'Promotional' category
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