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  • DjithBitDjithBit Posts: 40Member

    Please i need help, i need AMD rx 470 , it is not available

    Dont know where you are located .. in france it is en stock..

  • mikeomikeo Posts: 147Member ✭✭
    tanoosh said:

    where to find a current ethminer for win10, gtx1070 rig?

    I'm totally new as well, and gotten as far as starting the miner, which failed because of parms on the given list as provided by pool site (ethermine.org):

    ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200 -G -S eu1.ethermine.org:4444 -FS us1.ethermine.org:4444 -O .

    the unacceptable parm was "-FS". removing it was also unacceptable. removing the fallover site was also unacceptable. Removing the offending parms one by one, let the miner run to it's next point of failure - database link failure.

    the miner I download was genoil's 0.9.41 - 1.0.5
    every other miner I've found is rejected FORCEFULLY by Norton, and indeed I see posts articulating caution about the safety of dl's on genoils list. I've removed the Mining folder from norton's scan list, but feel a need for a friendly pointer to safe, working miner.

    I pray if this is the WRONG place to post this question, please direct me to the RIGHT place to post the question.

    Claymore v9.7 works well for me on nanopool.
  • ckailianckailian Posts: 16Member
    I'm with Zotac GTX 1060 with only 18mh/s after oc. Any suggestion to further improves it?
  • benetherbenether Posts: 7Member
    ckailian said:

    I'm with Zotac GTX 1060 with only 18mh/s after oc. Any suggestion to further improves it?

    Hi, I just post an howto for efficient mining with win10 / nvidia GPU

    I've got 21 Mhs with my GTX 970, i think you can have more with your 1060.
  • zonozono Posts: 156Member ✭✭
    Any1 running rig with multiple GPUs on old lga775 boards?

    Every time I plug riser into pcie x16 slot, the system won't start.
    What could be the reason for that?
    when pluged only pcie x1 works normal.
    I tried changing video setting in bios (onboard, pcie...)
  • Kr3udr0Kr3udr0 Posts: 1Member
    edited July 24
    Greetings fellow forumites! I'm quite new to the mining rig business, but after a couple of months of research, i've decided to build my own rig, and to buy a couple of GPUs. The thing is, not really being that tech savy, i don't exactly know the main differences between these GPUs so i was wondering if someone could help. Which one of the following is better in terms of MH/s and consumption ratio?

    Radeon RX 480 Dual 2xHDMI 2xDP 4GB
    Radeon RX 480 Dual OC 2xHDMI 2xDP 4GB
    Radeon RX 480 Armor OC 2xHDMI 2xDP 4GB
    Radeon RX 480 Red Dragon HDMI 3xDP 4GB

    And if it's a wise decision or not to buy 4 of the same type. Or should i buy 1 of each?

    Also, is it possible for DDR5 GPUs to work on a DDR4 motherboard?
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