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EtherPropEtherProp Member Posts: 1
Hi Guys,

I'm a UK/US Real Estate expert based in New York City. I've been following the development of blockchain based applications for a while now, and I'm interested in developing an application that would facilitate real estate investments and deliver returns of said investments through Ethereum - however I don't have any coding expertise so I'd be looking for someone to help me out in this respect.

If anyone's interested feel free to drop me a PM.

Kind regards


  • deimosaffairdeimosaffair Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2016
    Hello EtherProp,

    did you have any updates with this idea?

    i actually come from the other side, being a systems engineer but with little experience in real estate :)
    i have an idea that has been itching at the back for some time, to have a smart contract/dapp control ownership of a physical estate, but my knowledge of the legal/fiscal side could be summed up as a "big, dark hole" :)

    would you be interested in swapping ideas, and see where this leads us?

    best regards
  • vkleyman83vkleyman83 Member Posts: 1
    Hello deimosaffair, I saw your previous comment about partnering up with someone in Real Estate. Are you still interested in doing that? I am developing a platform and a coin around a large concept and could use someone technical as I am now. Thanks
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