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    The Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8Gb can make eazy 31/32+ Mhs
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    Just my 2cents ... I belive there are differend sapphire nitro rx 470 8gb cards outthere. I know for a fact, that there are at least 2 (Hynix and Samsung memory). And the code of the manufactur is important too? for instance on 1 site i was a tutorial how to get 29-30 MHs for samsung, but than again for hynix i saw on the same site that is able to achive 30+ MHs.
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    Is there a trick to get afterburner to show voltage settings again? The voltage monitoring disappeared when I moved the cards to the new motherboard. I checked the boxes to unlock, but does not work this time.

    Am setting up my first AMD rig, RX470's. I am using the blockchain drivers, bios mod, patched drivers and afterburner. (some cards are nitro, some are mining edition nitro)

    With voltage settings in afterburner, I was down to 65-67 watts each for a nitro RX470 @ 27-28MHS stable.

    Without the voltage control settings they are hogging 87 watts each in GPUZ.

    If successful, 65 watts each 470, which is more like it!

    Tried trixx, it's a pile. Won't save when rebooted? Have to manually set additional cards every reboot.

    Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated!

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