RX 470 mining



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    cscheat said:

    Confirmed mining speed with RX 470

    4GB = 20MH
    8GB = 25MH

    maybe this is the reason with 4GB i can not go over 28.5MH/s

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    my cards was -96 undervolt and each consume 73~77 watt
    i reduce the undervolt to -200 and amazingly power go down to 60watt
    also temp is reduce averagely 5C
    hash rate does not any change
    does this under volt OK, not harmful for the cards?

    update: seems NOT stable
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  • alizalializali Member Posts: 22
    29.5Mh/s with temp 50~60C with speed fan@ 55% and power usage 75~79 watt (gpu-z)
    completely stable

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