Ethereum Forums to remain open / Call for community moderators



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    G416G said:

    I am fairly new here, but I would like to be involved and come on as a mod.

    but how do we know you're not a nigerian using transalator
    but how do we know you're not just after the 5 eth?

    also; @G416G it does no make any difference about nationality.
    You cannot exclude anyone on the basis of race.
    If you imply that they may be a spammer that is different.
    There are spammers in UK, Canada as well as Nigeria.
    There are Islamic jihadis in Israel as well as America too.
    If i catch them, i will stitch them into a pig skin sack myself but you cannot stop them from becoming a moderator just because they were born in a country that you do not like.

    You cannot discriminate on Gender, Sex, Race, Religion, Nationality, and Age.
    You can however discriminate on class and cast.

    I would prefer if you were more accepting of Gender, Sex, Race, Religion, Nationality, and Age and more hostile to the ruling classes please.
    We need to be united against the common enemy, (the ruling classes) if you really want change.
    It is the ruling classes that want us to fight amongst ourselves and turn on each other.
    Have your own mind man and stop letting your government fill your head up with sh*t
    Remember: more young people have been killed in Chicago by their own kind this year than US Soldiers have died in Afghanistan. Wake up. The middle class are under attack as well as the poor you know. You will be next.
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    Is Australia 20 years behind the rest world ?

    I have to ask this because you guys are so out of its not funny. You're nice guys and all but do you understand any jokes or pickup on sarcasm or are you and ragman both in your 80's and just a little behind. When someone in a forum says they're going to kill themselves if this motherboard doesn't work, you don't have to call 911. If someones says you owe them 2 hours for a download they are not really coming to collect. When someone mentions anything nigerian he is not a racist nazi waving a flag and gun. These are metaphors, jokes, sarcasm, the rest of the world seems to be well aware of the nigerian name for anything scammy but guys think its an attack on the most unfortunate people in the world.

    Private Poll

    Are Australian GPU miners ?

    a). dumb
    b). old and out of touch
    c). just don't get it
    d). all of the above
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    While we are on the topic of nigerians and moderation. Maybe GeorgeHallam and ragman can get to work.

    The new niger is in .. user George62

    Typical fake conversation starting, cut and paste last reply, bot or dumb scammer.
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    e) Don't laugh at you because they're ahead of your timezone and got the joke yesterday before you even tried to be funny....
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    e) Don't laugh at you because they're ahead of your timezone........................

    Yes we see things before they happen over here ;)

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    Thanks for keeping the forums open!
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    Glad the forums are staying! B)
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    Great decision
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