Ethereum and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs announce International Blockchain Week in Shanghai, Sept 19–24

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The Ethereum Foundation and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs are excited to jointly announce the International Blockchain Week in Shanghai, which will take place at Hyatt on the Bund, September 19–24, 2016. Both Ethereum’s Devcon and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs’ Global Blockchain Summit were sold out last year with great interest and anticipation for this year’s events. Now, people who wish to attend both events can do so in the same week.

The combined event features a unique three-segment format that allows people to attend any combination of days that best addresses their needs. Two new features include a Demo Day for startups and investors between the Devcon2 and Blockchain Summit segments, and an optional day of organized sightseeing tours on September 18, 2016, the day before the commencement of the week’s events.

There are many reasons this combined event may be one of the most anticipated industry events to date. Importantly, the format and versatility of the event will allow greater interaction and opportunities for attendees to communicate, meet and participate across event segments. Developers are already planning to attend or participate in sessions in other segments, and industry leaders involved in blockchain tech are planning to attend some Devcon days as they have done in the past.

For attendees who will be making their first trip to China, Shanghai is both a global financial hub and home to many of Asia’s blockchain pioneers, where the blockchain community continues to grow and is eager to share what China has to offer the greater ecosystem. Serendipitously, since January 30, 2016, short trips to China are now facilitated by a new 144-hour visa-free transit policy that allows travelers from 51 countries or regions to transit in Shanghai for up to a maximum of 144 hours (six days) without holding a visa. However, it may still be easier to get a visitor’s visa. I found this explanation of China’s TWOV (Transit without Visa) policy to be useful.

The format for the 6-day International Blockchain Week in Shanghai will be as follows:
  • Devcon2: Days 1-3 – September 19, 20, 21
    Ethereum’s Devcon2 will debut in Asia with the support of its co-host and event partner, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. Devcon2 will continue to feature Ethereum developers who will introduce, present, and discuss the latest work and related considerations and topics of interest in Ethereum research and development.
  • Demo Day: Day 4 – September 22
    Co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and ChainB, one of China’s leading blockchain news agencies, Demo Day will consist of presentations by some of the most accomplished blockchain-enabled companies in the world. This event will be of particular interest to investors, venture capital firms, and start-ups.
  • Second Global Blockchain Summit: Days 5-6 – September 23, 24
    Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, this segment of the conference will consist of panels and talks by blockchain pioneers and industry leaders. Discussions will focus on addressing current and future business use cases, economic and social impacts, as well as how blockchain technology may be utilized and deployed for trade and other industries.
Xiao Feng, Executive Director of Wanxiang Holdings, says: “China Wanxiang Holding is very excited that we have had the opportunity to contribute in the process of making Shanghai the international financial and technological innovation center with the support from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. I firmly believe this year’s International Blockchain Week in Shanghai will further promote the technology in China, provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge between countries, building a stronger relationship between talents, and encouraging the use of blockchain technology in start-ups. China Wanxiang Holding will continue to support Wanxiang Blockchain Labs with the goal of becoming an internationally recognized platform for blockchain innovation.”

For all sponsorship, venue and speaking opportunity inquiries, including Devcon2, Demo Day, and the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit, please email:

Please save the date and check this Ethereum Devcon2 blog post for periodic updates until the full event website is available in May.


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    @GeorgeHallam Is there any news on when tickets go on sale for DEVCON2?
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    @GeorgeHallam they want 10,000 to pitch $1,500 - wtf is up with that? FYI George we are officially launching Foundups at unDEVCON2 Sept 18th - Launch Party 9pm at Hyatt on the Bund. Invite only - RSVP I want to personally give you a signed FUC t-shirt with our provocative squatting dog logo :)

    1. Launching Foundups Blockchain
    2. Launching Foundups webpage / Slack (ripping - because it rocks and removing 90% the stuff - Bitnation Pangea blessing to do so. thks Susanne)
    3. Launching FOUNDUPS blockchain ‪#‎crowdsale‬.
    launching 2012 Foundups #Blockchain image that helped inspired Ethereum -

    "What you have done completes us" Mihal co-foundups #Ethereum
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