GPU mining on a 5k iMac Retina

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I have an iMac with a very nice AMD GPU sitting on a table doing nothing. I want to put it to good use, however I have not been able to find any working guides on how to mine with GPU on OSX. Can anyone help?


  • chasewdchasewd Member Posts: 25
    I wouldn't recommend mining on a 5k iMac. So expensive and if you melt the GPU I bet it's going to be impossible to replace and you risk warranty BS with Apple.

    If you want to mine that bad then just install Windows 7.
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    @hasher You mean the GPU is separate from the iMac? If so, there's no way to use it with the iMac, at least not that I know of. As far as mining with the iMac GPU - forget it. The iMac enclosure is not meant to dissipate the heat that 24/7 mining will produce. You'll just toast the iMac eventually.
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    i've got that Mac. Nice screen!
    Wouldn't dare mining on it because I already constantly hear: "Dad, why internet is slow for my games-it used to be is probably your "things"...Daaaad!"
  • hasherhasher Member Posts: 642 ✭✭✭
    I have a 3yr warranty so I really don't care if something melts down.
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    And then try to get ethminer running
  • hasherhasher Member Posts: 642 ✭✭✭
    I'm sure somehow we could hash at half the power to save the life of the graphics card and keep things at a reasonable temperature
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    Like the original post, I have an iMac mostly sitting idle. Mine has the 2015 high end components including quad core i7, 2 TB fusion drive, and AMD R9 395X with 4 GB video memory.

    I used to run Boinc for [email protected] throttled at 25%, with Tunabelly's TG Pro monitoring to help me keep it out of the red zone. I got bored with that after a few months. Now I am interested in mining ETH, just for fun, again watching TG Pro to keep the temperature mostly in the green.

    So, that being said and knowing I probably won't even recoup my electricity cost, what Mac OS X compatible software would you recommend? It will be important for it to have similar throttling capability so none of the GPUs runs at 100%. That means round robin or random duty cycles for all GPUs at some selectable percent, not 100% on one or two with the rest idle at 0%.
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    Parity and Minergate are two user friendly mining solutions for OS X.

    I have to say I disagree with almost every post so far. And a solution should never ever be "just install Windows 7 on it" when the OP probably bought the iMac for a reason...

    As for the iMac overheating, you may have to look at using another program to throttle your GPU and fans until you are happy with your system temperatures.

    The iMac will not "melt"... I've run a PC/Mac repair business for years and I have never seen more temperature sensors than on Apple hardware. Hell, even the hard disks have temperature sensors on them, all of which can throttle the system performance to stay within thermal specifications.

    You also have 3 years of applecare... if your GPU starts artifacting you can always swap it.
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