How to Mine - Get started FAST and EASY For Windows 7- Detailed Guide



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    So can someone tell me how stupid I am just now?

    I just dropped $1400 on this setup:

    ASRock H97M Ann.
    Intel Celeron
    4x XFX R9 390s (BB onsale $250 each)
    2x Corsair 750W PSU
    4x PCIE risers cards

    (I already have a spare SSD and RAM module to throw in)

    Estimated hash rate ~ 116 MH/s

    I was torn between AMD and Nvidia honestly. (I know nvidia sucks atm for ether but via nicehash I'm getting $3-$4/day with my 970 & 1070)

    I'm taking the leap and hoping Ethereum comes out more profitable.

    Worse case if I'm not liking them I have a 30 day return ( i think!? Elite Status!) on them and can pick up 2x 1070s and stick to nicehash.
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    Xfx 390 I have one on my rig I like it. -100mv and working great
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    Good to know @Yannick99. Got my risers in today, should get everything else by Thursday.
    If I'm lucky my office location will let me run them there. Free electricity!
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    Free electricity! :smiley: Yeah!
  • SWDude26SWDude26 Member Posts: 132 ✭✭
    So Amazon shipped me the wrong mobo... the H97M instead of the H97 lol.

    I'm running 3 cards on it till Friday when I send back the mobo.

    Couldn't find the H97 prime deal anymore (guess the ran out?) So OutletPC is slowly shipping me one for a higher cost.
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    How to know when I'm ready to mine I did the schortcut but I don't see cmd window and I see in task bar that its working what to do next ?
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    I see this also and restarts the timer all the time . I'm preaty new to this so any help would be great.
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    hello there, i have a rookie question, ...

    first, I opened the wallet like the tutorial said....., but i can't run the mining.bat (geth --rpc) because the system returns: "Fatal: Could not open database: the process can not access the file because it is being used by another process" (of course i suppose the wallet is using the file and geth can't open the database....

    Can i start mining (nanopool.bat) letting just the wallet opened with out the geth? or i have to close the wallet and then run the mining.bat?

    i try closing the wallet & running geth --rpc but the system returns a lot of error with gas used errors....... and never got sync.....

    thanks in advance :)
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    Hi, ultra-noob here I'm trying to mine with "--opencl-platform 0" instead of using "-G" because it says "No GPU with sufficient memory found" when trying with "-G" argument.
    Anyways I don't think I'm doing it right because this doesn't look right:

    I think it's using CPU instead of GPU because the temps and load are really high on the CPU but really little on the GPU. And the hashrate is really low I guess.
    I really need help. Thanks!

    I solved this if you are having the same problem try using "-G --opencl-device 0 --farm-recheck 200 --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 8192 --opencl-platform 1"
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    Do i have to download the AMD and NVidia drivers even if i only use a NVidia GPU?
  • flumpflump Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead. I'm trying to get this all running on Windows 10 as a test before going onto a dedicated rig. I seem to be stuck at the geth --rpc.bat stage. Whenever I go to run it, it doesn't stay active as I can see from the guide; it closes almost instantly.

    Thanks in advance!
  • krastoskrastos Member Posts: 1
    Thanks to author for this article!

    I have a question: I have two GPUs. In day time I use one of it. Is there any command I can write in .BAT file, so miner will use only one video card?

    Thank you!
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    I'm very happy to see this post of mine get 80K views :) In the good old days.
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