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  • hwlgrakahwlgraka Posts: 18Member
    Hey, I switched to like 14 hours ago. Somehow, I'm getting lots of time exactly 3 stale shares (see the appended picture). Do you know, why it is?
    Is it just bad luck or is there any misconfiguration? I'm using Claymore Dual miner v7.4.

  • Dr_House86Dr_House86 Posts: 565Member ✭✭✭
    Its all fine, thats normal ;)
  • hwlgrakahwlgraka Posts: 18Member
    Hello, one question.

    Why is there no opportunity to display all the time, like from the beginning when I started using this account until now.
    As an example I can use nanopool, where you can select the time range:

    Is there a plan of this being implemented? Would be really useful :)

    Thanks, kind regards.
  • buffybuffy Posts: 101Member ✭✭
    nanopool has only last 6 days I think, not all time. ethermine has 24 hours. for me it's enough. But you can write own script and download your account api data every 24 hours and make own statistics with long time chart.
  • jsanzspjsanzsp Posts: 151Member ✭✭
    dr_pra said:

    @cidmo hashrate fluctuations have nothing to do with pool luck. It is the luck of your miner that influences the number of shares found by it. If your current hashrate goes down your miner simply does not submit sufficient shares compared to your locally reported hashrate.

    @buffy we decided to remove the dynamic scaling of the charts to preserve the context of the displayed values. What has that todo with the added twitter timeline?

    How can you improve hashrate fluctuations ,? And because in other pools like ethpool my hashrate is more stable and closer to reported hashrate?
  • fgallairefgallaire Posts: 8Member
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    jsanzsp said:

    How can you improve hashrate fluctuations ,? And because in other pools like ethpool my hashrate is more stable and closer to reported hashrate?

    I'm new to ethermine, the fluctuations are quite disappointing, what can we do to avoid them ?
    Is it linked to my use of the standard ethminer ? Why is it not recommended ?
    Mining using the standard ethminer is no longer recommended. Please use one of the available stratum enabled miners!

  • workwork Posts: 2,084Member ✭✭✭✭
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    If you have a small hashrate, the only way to decrease share/mining variance is to mine with a pool that has lower static share difficulty or variable share difficulty (vardiff).

    However, the thing about variance is that statistically speaking ir all averages out eventually.
  • fgallairefgallaire Posts: 8Member
    @work thanks again for your answer. I understand what you say, and it's logical. How to know the vardiff of the pool ?

    Whatsoever, I think ethermine is quite correct for me:

    Do you agree ?
  • workwork Posts: 2,084Member ✭✭✭✭
    @fgallaire your effective hashrate variance looks totally reasonable to me
  • Tbone5660Tbone5660 Posts: 74Member
    Pool is having problems... no reported hashrate and effective hashrate has dropped over 200 mh in 5 min.
  • dr_pradr_pra Posts: 445Member ✭✭✭
    The pool was under a ddos attack yesterday. We were able to mitigate the issue quickly but a small subset of miners was affected for a few minutes.
  • zmajnszmajns Posts: 7Member
    Around 18.30 (GMT+1) pool stopped calculating earned ether and stopped payouts - just giving a heads up to those in charge
  • SiilaSiila Posts: 31Member
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    I observed a drop in average hashrate during the time change this night, i suppose its because the "average calculator module" did his job with the empty hashrate data of the missing hour so i think that our income isn't altered.

    dr_pra, would it be hard to implement a button in the web interface so we can easy switch from absolute to autozoomed hashrate chart?

    Also for thoses who use Claymore dual miner on Ethermine (whatever single or dual mining) : On Ehtermine mainpage we see the exemple .bat using esm 0 (default) while on on the readme of the Claymore miner we have the exemple for Ethpool with esm=1..
    On my personal tests, i have best results with esm 1 on EU server while some USA friends have best results with esm 0.
    I understand that the effect of ESM setting is probably under the normal luck variation threshold or may no more exist but i would like: to know if other guys have best results with esm 1 like me & if dr_pra can explain wich mode should we use.

    This absence of knowlege about wich ESM to use is in my head for too long, ty :)

    edit: & what happen to "Your income during the last 1000 rounds" ?
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  • MadpacketMadpacket Posts: 25Member
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    Anyone else's miners stop being able to retrieve jobs from the US East Ether pool? ( ?
  • kristofferjonkristofferjon Sagittarius APosts: 77Member ✭✭
    Madpacket said:

    Anyone else's miners stop being able to retrieve jobs from the US East Ether pool? ( ?

    Yes, I switched to instead. If you look at the statistics page you'll note dip's on a few of the pool servers.
  • Dr_House86Dr_House86 Posts: 565Member ✭✭✭
    Is there a Problem with the pool?
    My average hashrate lowers rapidly but the Hardware seems fine.
  • sluTTYsluTTY Posts: 6Member
    Same here since May 6th or 7th the average effective hashrate went down 20% due to shares going down 20% I guess.
  • ThatCoolBlueKidThatCoolBlueKid Posts: 3Member
    @dr_pra I'm having issues with & Genoil's miner on Ubuntu :neutral:

    Some advice?
  • brodabroda Posts: 1Member
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    Hello, I started mining on June 1st on, ever since as the days go by im getting less and slow accepted shares.

    I got 2 rx470 4gb gpu's @ 44.5mh/s

    Anyone know why the low submitting shares?

    edit: also now I'm getting rejected shares.
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  • jaggy_djaggy_d Posts: 5Member
    Great article for beginer
    dr_pra said:

    As many users were not happy with our current payment scheme over at we decided to offer an alternative that uses a more traditional reward distribution method. We are happy to announce that our new mining pool - - is now live and ready for mining. uses the same high performance mining backend as but distributes mining rewards according to the well known PPLNS reward method. The minimum payout amount is 1 Ether and payouts are processed instantly. officially supports ethminer as well as eth-proxy (stratum).

    Similar to is provides the following features:

    • Anonymous mining
    • Real time PPLNS payout scheme
    • Accurate hashrate reporting
    • We pay all Ethereum rewards (Blocks, Uncles & Fees)
    • Instant payout (Minimum: 1 Ether, transaction fees paid by the pool)
    • Global mining network with DDOS protected servers in the US, Europe and Asia
    • Full stratum support
    • Efficient mining engine, low uncle rates
    • Detailed global and per-worker statistics
    • Invalid shares warnings
    • Email monitoring
    For more info, check out:
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