Invalid header on mined block ERROR

BreeBree Member Posts: 9
Heya, I'm experiencing a little problem mining Ether.
I'm using an MSI GTX 970 and I'm getting about 22 MH/s using the latest CUDA Miner by Genoil which I'm very happy about.
However, the problem is that I keep getting an "Invalid header on minder block: nonce for ..." error in my Geth terminal.
I'm mining on and getting very little out of my 22 MH/s because of this.

I do not know much about mining, I started reasearching Ethereum only about a week ago. But here are things I have tried to fix it (without success)

1. Reset my internet connection a bunch of times
2. Delete my DAG file and having ethminer create it again

Any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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