[Pool] ethpool.pp.ua - stable Ethereum mining pool



  • megapearlmegapearl Member Posts: 2
    Is there something wrong with the pool? balance stays the same for 4 days now, mining 24/7.
    If there's a problem with the pool, can you manually payout 0xce7df360a43cacd080aa84e39acc01b60a25a08f
    If there's no problem, I'll wait till next payout.
  • metaforxmetaforx Member Posts: 1
    Same here, after mining for days without change in the balance i start to get concerned and switched one of my rigs in order to follow progress here. i am relatively fresh to this pool but liked it so far. hope to see some progress, otherwise i would move on (and suggest this also to others).
  • megapearlmegapearl Member Posts: 2
    edited February 13
    Same for me, mining here for about a month now, I mailed them about the problem, if there's no reaction within a couple of days I'm switching too.
  • rbarsoianurbarsoianu Member Posts: 3
    Ok, so after 5 days i finaly get an increase of my balance. Just check my miner page (https://ethereumpool.co/stats/miner/index.php?address=0x7f26835c027307ce9d44f0c4c8cc2983597857b1), set date from the 9'Th of February and you will see how they are stealing. According to them, 0.0036 ETH revenue / day. Mining has been non-stop as it can be seen in the hash rate, yet, somehow, after 5 days (which should give me 0.015-0.016), the increase in my balance is 0.002. I think the admins here, when they said that the pool has a 1% (can't remember exactly) fee, they actually meant it the other way around. We get 1%, the rest is donations. I strongly advice everyone (except philanthropists of course) to stay away from this pool.
  • jpzweigjpzweig Member Posts: 1
    can someone please validate that^
  • CdhuscgCdhuscg Member Posts: 1
    edited February 18
    I am new at this but I can do math and can validate what rbarsoianu is saying, I mined for almost a week, over 620 shares with no interruptions and barely got a payout for 2 days of mining. I have switched pools until this one gets its act together, I have been sitting at 277 shares for a week now with no updates. Also have sent multiple emails and have never gotten a response from anyone.
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