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    ‘Alpereum’ is proud to announce the launch of our new Ether (ETH) Mining Pool.

    Our Ether (ETH) pool is state of the art, designed with ease of use and performance in mind. Our pool is managed by professional systems administrators and monitored on a 24/7 basis. Our high availability cloud based environment allows the pool to keep running even in the event of physical hardware failure, ensuring optimal uptime and minimal loss of shares.
    We pride ourselves in the amount of care we take, and are constantly developing and improving upon our pool’s software to ensure our miners get the best experience possible.

    Alpereum plans to change the face of crypto-currency mining pools. In the world of crypto mining pools, there have been and continue to be a number of bad actors. Incidents such as exit rips and skimming have been rampant.

    Alpereum is a trademark of Bitcoin Suisse AG, a Swiss regulated and licensed financial intermediary service with a three-year track record of excellence. Miners can be rest assured that they get their fair share.

    Pool Features
    • Stratum Mining Proxy
    Zero Fees the First Several Weeks! (1% Fee Afterwards)
    • Payout every 30 minutes
    • No registration required
    • 24/7/365 Professional support in multiple languages (English, French, German, Danish, and Norweigan)
    • Mine to your wallet or to an exchange
    • Zero transaction fees
    • DDoS Mitigation
    • Mining Knowledgebase

    How to Mine

    Stratum Host:
    Port: 3001

    Simply use your Ether wallet address and a worker name.

    More information on miner setup and other mining information can be found on our website:

    BitcoinTalk Launch Post:
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  • icminericminer Posts: 12Member
    Brand new pool with 1% mining fee for now and no transaction fees:
    No registration needed. Just your own wallet.

    Just give it a try!

  • ethereumfanaticethereumfanatic Posts: 27Member
  • MasterminingnetMasterminingnet Posts: 10Member

    There is a new mining pool. http:/ located in Switzerland pool fee is 0.2%. Can you add to List please? br
  • EtheresEtheres Posts: 76Member
    Hi Marekz,

    If you could at Etheres to the list that would be great!
    • 0 % Fees (Until 10/15/16)
    • No Registration Required
    • Min payout 0.2 ETH
    • Payouts Hourly
    If you require any more information let me know!
  • daboehladaboehla Posts: 18Member
    Ethereum Classic Pool, 1% Fee:
  • kenshirothefistkenshirothefist Posts: 73Member
    For those, interested in mining Ethereum and being automatically paid in Bitcoins you can mention service:
    • Simple as using a multipool
    • You are paid on pure no-risk PPS reward system
    • Automatic payments in Bitcoins up to 4 times a day
    • No registration - just point your miner to our stratum proxy with your Bitcoin address as username
    • No limits - use as many rigs as you like
    • Transparency - know exactly how much are you earning at any time
    • No need to wait for unexchanged coins - you are paid in Bitcoins for every submitted share
    • Detailed statistics for up to past 7 days
    • Per worker statistics
    • Trustworthy service with all-time regular payments
    Visit for more details.
  • ceddycakesceddycakes Posts: 70Member has closed their ETH pool. This is on the homepage of the ETH pool.

    "Suprnova closes

    Because of the recent developments concerning the soft/hard fork discussion because of the DAO Hack and the decisions by the Dev's, I've decided to close the Ethereum Pool as I think ETH does not comply with the idea of irreversible, uncensored blockchain technology.

    ETH is still a brilliant coin (or rather a technology) with most likely a bright future because of all the funding invested the clever dev's attached and all the possibilites with Smart Contracts etc. Of course mine it if its profitable for you, or not if you don't like the whole (changed) idea behind it.

    The Pool will remain running until the fork occurs, as there are plenty of pools already it should be pretty easy to move over. It was a pleasure being one of the first pools available for ETH and I enjoyed working with the technology.

    Please move your miners to the other pools, it was great to have you on suprnova, check the main page, lots of other coins are listed there too or just PM me if you find a coin that is not listed.

    Thanks !"
  • EthInvestEthInvest Posts: 15Member
    Please, add my pool too: - fee 0%, PROP, support STRATUM - ethereum classic mining pool.
  • MCperfectWEBMCperfectWEB Posts: 5Member
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    My orignial post was somehow deleted and I didin`t have the chance to get a proper answer.
    I found this pool a while back and have started mining. The fee is 0.5% and I already got the payment for 1 ETH with my test RIG.
    Overall everything seems to be fine except for the fact that the connection mode is not listed correctly anywhere but I did manage to do so using this "proxypool1"

    Pls take a gander and leave a reply to know what the more experienced ETH miners would say

    P.S. I`m using ethOS
  • sebcorsesebcorse Posts: 3Member
    Hello , please add my pool in your list :
    Ethereum Free Pool : 0% fee, server located in France with high bandwith and redundant Ethereum client (geth and parity)
    Minimum of 60 Mh/s required
  • warinerwariner Posts: 38Member
    if possible add my pool: 0.25% fee, tx fee paid to miners, PPLNS
  • mitice123mitice123 Posts: 41Member
    Hey any good pools till today date ?:).I tried ethermine and it gives me less... ,cointron im not impressed with their stats,dwarfpool gaves me x2 less mined .Nanopool after a period stops mining for me starts for em and this is noticed in their site graph :(.So im thinking of the official ethereum pool mby?
  • WernerWerner Germany Nürnberg Posts: 3Member

    i would be proud if some of you would try my pool:

    0.1 % Fees
    No Registration Required
    Min payout 0.1 ETH
    Payouts every 2 Hours

    Node is based in Europe.
  • douglashidouglashi Posts: 26Member
  • etherdiggeretherdigger Posts: 7Member
    Other Pool

    ***EthereumClassic ETC***

  • newminer1987newminer1987 Posts: 1Member
    hi there,
    i am new in mining and has been mine for about a week or so. previously i was mined in ethermine pool and recently i switch to alpereum pool.
    but one thing i am curious is that i can't see the combination of the total ETH. if i would like to check, i need to go to ethermine and alpereum website.
    any idea on how to see my wallet in total?
    thanks in advance.
  • CryptoBCryptoB Posts: 6Member
    Hello, I have made a research on all forums I know (and in google too) to find all alive Ethereum Mining pools. I have made a table with all of them with real time updating. Find the best pool for you using ping and fee information. Less ping is better. Hope you find it useful( spent a couple of days to make it) visit

  • AuroraPoolAuroraPool Aurora, CO USPosts: 8Member
  • VeNoMZiToVeNoMZiTo Posts: 27Member 0% Fee, No tx Fee, 0.01 Threshold
  • thesevendwarfs_orgthesevendwarfs_org Posts: 1Member
    ‘TheSevenDwarfs’ are proud to announce the launch of our new Ether (ETH) Mining Pool.

    Our Ether (ETH) pool is state of the art, designed with ease of use and performance in mind.

    Pool Features
    • Stratum Mining Proxy
    • Zero Fees the First Several Weeks! (0.5% Fee Afterwards)
    • Min. payout threshold 0.2 Ether
    • Payout twice per day
    • No registration required
    • Mine to your wallet or to an exchange

    How to Mine

    Stratum Host:
    Port: 8008

    Simply use your Ether wallet address and a worker name.

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal

    ethdcrminer64 -epool -ewal

    More information on miner setup and other mining information can be found on our website:

    Just give it a try!
  • BuriedOneBuriedOne Posts: 3Member
    Check out the new BuriedONE Ethereum Mining Pool with only 0.25% fee and no registration!
  • AuroraPoolAuroraPool Aurora, CO USPosts: 8Member
    Aurora Pool is open! No pool fee, low payout threshold 0.01 ETH, paying uncles and transaction fees. No registration required.
  • investooninvestoon Posts: 11Member

    Aurora Pool is open!

    I recommend you to add your pool to our live listing
  • oguzusluoguzuslu Posts: 2Member
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    Hey there,
    We are created a new Ethereum Pool and FEE is %0.5 forver.
    We are waiting...
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