Comparing Swarm to StorJ, Maidsafe, IPFS, ERIS

mgbtcfvmgbtcfv Posts: 14Member
I am confused with all these distributed storage protocols. How does Swarm differ from all the others? Is one better than the other? I heard IPFS is a transport layer - does it mean it is quite different from Swarm?


  • ILethereumILethereum Posts: 34Member
    Good question.
  • CarlWillhelmCarlWillhelm Posts: 20Member
    would like to know that too :#
  • 21xhipster21xhipster Milky WayPosts: 15Member
    IPFS is just a protocol like http. It is unmotivated (don't have tokens).
    Eris is permissioned blockchain thing and use IPFS underneath.
    Storj, SAFE Network (MaidSafe is just a team like Eth\Dev), Sia and Filecoin are motivated storage networks with different underlying protocols and design decisions.
    The most interesting thing that I don't know nothing about Swarm. Do you?
  • hangabershangabers Posts: 63Member
    Swarm is an organizational idea. A philosophical structure.
    Both Maid safe and Ethereum are within the realm of what swarm is.

    Maid Safe is a decentralized trustless platform that can reach consensus without everyone needing to have a copy of the lager.

    If Ethereum is a swarm federation, then MaidSafe is swarm nation of swarm tribes.

    In other words, a federated network of mini independent consensus teams decide on their own, but they are limited in what they can do based on the decisions made around them.

    Ethereum a singular swarm of activity where people organize themselves, but consensus is reached by everyone.

    That relationship model of course.

    Technically speaking they are very different and similar.

    Hopefully that helps a little.

    PM me if there is further confusion.
  • intrepidintrepid Hong kongPosts: 13Member
    If anyone can also include "enigma" @hangabers into this I would be grateful. I'm very interested in these products however my technical language abilities is low, for me things seem to click when someone describes a use case as opposed to how it literally works. the comment above was like a paradigm shift for me, so thanks
  • hangabershangabers Posts: 63Member
    Enigma is another cryptographic decentralized platform, but where maidsafe is meant for storage at it's base, and ethereum for being a programable network, enigma is designed for encrypted computation at it's base. But remember, computation or storage could be built as a DAO Dapp on top of Ethereum. It's just a matter of what perspective you wish to take. A lot of people argue it all could built on top of Bitcoin using sidechains. If you would like some additional help direct message me.
  • nofishnofish Posts: 1Member
    Another similar project focused on dynamic, multi-user web pages:
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