geth wallet import - Fatal:???

shawnlearyshawnleary Posts: 20Member
Any idea why I am getting "Fatal: Could not create the account:decrypted addr not equal to expected addr %...."

I know that my Passphrase: entry is perfect. I've heard there was an issue with the format of the .json backup wallet file in terms of compatibility with Frontier? Any help or point in the right direction is greatly appreciated.



  • shawnlearyshawnleary Posts: 20Member
    I'm getting this back "Fatal: Could not create the account: decrypted addr not equal to expected addr % !(EXTRA string=.........., string=................)"

    Does this mean wrong passphrase?
  • KenKKenK Posts: 44Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
    Which client are you using to import your wallet?
  • shawnlearyshawnleary Posts: 20Member
    think my password is wrong. i was using a terminal window on my mac. but kraken is giving me the same response using their browser tool. oh well, someday it might be worth it to brute force it. would love to see what the password instructions were at the time of sale. i wonder if i modified my password based on some recommendations at that time.
  • charleycharley Posts: 6Member
    Receiving the same error. I'm almost sure my password is correct.
  • UTlex92UTlex92 Posts: 1Member
    I am also receiving the same error using what I would call my most likely password.

    I've tried variations of my password at and all give the following error: Invalid password. Error: unable to decrypt data

    Yet only when I use my most likely password I get this error:
    Invalid password. Error: Decoded key mismatch - possibly wrong passphrase

    I confirmed the above using Geth command line tools. Geth gives the following error:
    Fatal: decrypted addr 'resulting address ' not equal to expected addr 'my address'

    Using knowingly wrong password provides:
    Fatal: could not decrypt key with given passphrase.

    Any information regarding this error would be greatly appreciated.
  • bitmasterbitmaster Posts: 1Member
    UTlex92- Did you ever come to a solution for your problem? I have the same exact issue!!! Please help! Thanks!
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