Server PSU breakout board / 6 pin SATA/Molex connectors

th0gz19th0gz19 Member Posts: 1
I'm converting one of my mining rigs from ATX PSU to a server PSU powered one.

My situation is, I have a modular Corsair HX1000i that is not working anymore and now I have spare SATA/Molex with Type-3 / 6-pin connector.

I purchased one of those HP 1200w server PSU with the breakout board which supports 6-pin PCIE connectors.

My problem is, I do not have 6-pin powered risers. What I only have are SATA and Molex powered risers.

My question is, can I plug one of those SATA/Molex cables that's left by my Corsair HX1000i to the server PSU breakout board?
They seem to plug in fine but I'm not so sure about the voltages of every pins. I do not want to start fireworks inside my house so if anyone of you has tried this please do tell if it works.

Thanks in advance.
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