How Does MEW Know What Tokens I Have?

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This is really a question about JSON RPC. I know that I can get eth_call to get the balance of a token at an address, but I've been looking everywhere to be able to figure out how to get the tokens that are at a given address.

This here will get the balance of TRX at an address:
{"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_call","params":[{"to":"0xf230b790e05390fc8295f4d3f60332c93bed42e2","data":"[ADDRESS ABI]"},"latest"]}

But, the above won't tell me which tokens are at a given address. However, MyEtherWallet somehow knows...

When I plugged my Trezor in, it saw that there was TRX associated with my account. I did a trace with fiddler, and the only HTTP transfer I saw was the above JSON RPC call. How is MEW figuring out which tokens are at the address?

This is an API that allows this to be done, but I'm guessing that is from an indexed database and not through the JSON RPC:
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