looking for verbal marketing company,

shanshan Member Posts: 10
we are internet potal service comanpy for cryptocurrency,
TOPBIT ; you can search us as TOPBIT, ro goto bellows site,

we are looking for company who is focusing verbal marketing.
1. To have their own social network pages or channels with considerable numbers of subscribers/followers.
2. To be able to make interesting posts/publications/videos on subjects in the field of cryptoindustry,
Or to be able to act as moderators at forums and chats.
3. To speak native English,

If you do not have those skills, but know some company who could be useful to TOPBIT, your recommendations will be most welcome.
Please send your applications at [email protected] . In your proposal please briefly introduce yourself and give links to your pages in social networks. Your emails should be written in English.
Details of your involvement and your remuneration will be discussed individually.


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