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Current solutions used by the hospitality industry contain segmented and inaccurate data as a result of outdated software solutions built without data intelligence. AQUA is now disrupting the landscape by developing the hospitality industry’s first comprehensive data solution using AI and blockchain technology. Through this revolutionary approach, AQUA is helping businesses increase their revenue through personalized offerings to their customers, increased operational efficiency, and using machine learning to perform efficient marketing. At the same time AQUA allows customers to validate their data and optimize their loyalty benefits through participation in our AQUA Token ecosystem. We accomplish this by leveraging our discrete data sources including, AQUA SDK, the AQUA Rewards app, AQUA PMS and more. Read more here:

Token Name: AQUA (AQX)
Standard: Ethereum ERC20 (utility based)
Price per Token: $0.25 USD
Pre-Sale: May 7th — July 30th, 2018
Pre-Sale Cap: $20,000,000 USD
Crowdsale: July 30th — September 30th, 2018
Crowdsale Cap: $25,000,000 USD
Total Hard Cap: $50,000,000 USD (225M AQX Tokens)
Token Privileges: Platform utility token
Release Date: Issued after crowdfunding

Funding in ETH only. All calculation amounts to be in USD.
Do not send other currencies to our contract address!
Do not send tokens prior to pre-sale start.
Please check our website for the funding address, this will be unique to you for each transaction requested. Double check by communicating with us through our Telegram chat for any doubts.
We cannot credit contributors for funds sent to the wrong address.
Residents of the the following countries will not be able to participate: United States and China

One of the first blockchain implementations for the hospitality industry.
Private blockchain– a ledger that warehouses data collected by AQUA’s existing software technology system, along with other planned data sources.
AQUA INTEL will use the data collected to create decentralized comprehensive profile for each consumer together with AI to provide the most effective sales and marketing campaigns for hospitality businesses.

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