Free ripple to new members and friends

cryptoplatformscryptoplatforms Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone,

deVere Crypto are giving away 10 Ripple when new members join and 10 more for each referral with code TW100. deVere Crypto also has ETH, BTC

Step 1: Download the App and upload your KYC documents
Step 2: Once KYC documents are approved, you need to transfer €50/$60/£45 (either via Vault or via bank transfer); after you trade the deposited amount, you get your first 10 Ripple.
Step 3: Recommend the app to a friend, who does the same and follows both steps 1 & 2.
Step 4: When your friend joins Crypto and uses your referral code and follows the above, your friend gets 10 Ripple and you earn 10 more
Use code TW100 when downloading!
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