Tradingene ICO

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Tradingene is one of the newest blockchain-powered auction platform that is designed develop and use algorithms for transacting via cryptocurrencies. This transaction usually takes place between the cryptocurrencies and some of the leading financial tools. Unlike any other crypto trading platform, Tradingene opens way for newer innovations in the market. It comes up with a technologically backed, accessible and highly advanced web based platform that can be used for creating and analyzing the various trading algorithms. In addition to this, it also introduces online courses for the individuals who are conceptualizing these algorithms, creates a block chain powered system for recording the results of these auctions and conducts smart contracts between the investors and the creators of these algorithms. These amazing innovations solve a significant amount of the major market problems.

What exactly is this platform all about?
Like I already mentioned, this platform is designed to simplify financial transactions via cryptocurrency. It comes with several advantages for both the investors and the creators of these algorithms. Investors get an opportunity to invest in the various approved robots with a single click. And that’s not all! They also have the flexibility of creating and controlling the price.

Just like investors, the platform is equally viable for the ones creating these algorithms. The algorithm creators get an opportunity to use the excellent, well-structured API of the platform. In addition, they also get several options to conceptualize and roll out their preferred trading strategies. The payment method is transparent and the entire platform is pretty simple to gauge, both for the creators and the investors.

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