Best ICO to Invest in 2018

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Due to this increasing demand, a lot of investors are showing their extreme interests in making investments in ICOs. Those investors must be careful in choosing the right ICOs, in order to gain maximum benefits. The following list will give the top  ICOs, through which an investor can make huge investments without any hassles:


Top ICO 2018


Minor One

Minor One is offering the most advanced mining equipment at a very low cost in the electricity and therefore it is leading towards the profit for all users. A group of data center manages this Miner One Community. This team is in a partnership with the community and therefore shares the output of all these centers with a transparent Ethereum based smart contracts. Read Minor one Review and ratings

minor one ICO

WorldWifi is a decentralized online platform that offers WIFI connection at free of cost all across the globe. The users can be able to access the wifi service of world WIFI from anywhere in the world. Read World Wifi ICO Review and Rating

world wifi ICO Review

It uses the technology of blockchains for its operation and it was launched as a result of the collective efforts taken by the world wifi team. It operates with a variety of private residential routers.

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AlfaToken is a platform that creates tokens and all types of smart contracts for all kinds of business without having any particular knowledge regarding the coding. The coding is related to the interaction between the individuals, organizations and smart things. Read Alfatoken Review and Rating

alfatoken ico review

The platform is really planning hard to release a beta version as quick as possible. The platform is aiming towards an easy-to-use service.

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Suchapp is an online texting platform that uses the technology of blockchains for its operation. It is the first and foremost ecosystem in the world that offers 5G messaging services to its users. Read Suchapp Review and Rating

Suchapp ICO review

Its main functionality is sending messages and it holds multiple numbers of channels in it. It paves a way for efficient human interactions and it facilitates one-to-one conversation between humans. It is somewhat similar to that of the social media messaging.

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Omnitude (ICO OVER)

Omnitude is a radical concept that will enable business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions through blockchain technology. Ommnitude blockchain solutions will integrate enterprise systems, supply chains and eCommerce platforms. It will also enable a community of app developers which can imagine, create and deploy blockchain based solutions to real-world problems.


  • Transparent and accountable manufacturing and supply chains.
  • Reduction in eCommerce fraud.
  • Single customer identity for use across any Omnitude connected eCommerce site.
  • Blockchain technology integration between enterprise systems such as ERP & WMS.

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ENLTE (Get Free Tokens worth $16)

This is a platform that that helps to solve the problem of all real life without even going through any governmental system or any other well-known organization. This is designed is a particular manner which is location-based and a social engine that helps to make the system quicker and more capable for all users. This helps all user to rate any experience and uploading them without hiding their original identity.

Enlte ICO REview

In today’s time internet has become the most powerful medium for people all around the world. This medium has connected people together and helps people to socialize in a better way.  The aim of ENLTE is to create a social networking platform along with the user who is working on this platform and securing it with blockchain.  Read full ENLTE review and ratings.

ENLTE is not a ERC20 token so you have to install ENLTE app from play store for your tokens. Get free 1,000 ENLTE coins worth $16  by using “[email protected]” as a referral code.


White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a type of plug-in for browsers while performing the digital streaming. It is based on the technology of blockchains for its operation, it's helping the participants in getting share rates. It is described as a medium that facilitates content streaming avoid stealing. Read Full White Rabbit ICO Review:

White Rabbit ICO Review

White Rabbit is an innovative cum creative project from a team of highly experienced and expert professionals. Its major objective is to avoid illegal trading of duplicated contents (at free or at extremely low prices).

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It is one of the top six ICOs, which is being designed basically for the exchange of business information or data. It is a highly safe, secure and trustworthy platform. It has a unique protocol that accepts a variety of data belonging to the individual or corporate users and developers. The data collectors are getting benefitted with huge profits by the use of Repux protocol since it does facilitate any kind of intermediary services. It facilitates effective data monetization. It uses advanced blockchain technologies including Sia3, interplanetary file system, and Ethereum4 and so on. As a whole, it is the best solution for data transfers among the users, developers and data collectors. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfers. (Read Repux Review)

Repux ico Review

Token specifications:

The tokens of Repux are usually referred to as RPX tokens, whose value is equal to 0.20 US Dollars ($0.20)
  • The total amount of RPX tokens supplied for token sale is 500,000,000.

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Retainly is a well-established marketing automation company which mainly offers automation of tasks like generating leads and making emails. The companies pay for every month for the use of the platform. Now it is creating RETN tokens and the Collie platform. Retainly is developing RETN tokens to introduce an extra service to aid companies. The RETN tokens will be used to reward users for their loyalty. Read full Retainly ICO review

Retainly ico review

Retainly ICO Details:

  • Token Name: RETN
  • Token ICO Price: 1 RETN = 0.00083085 ETH
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Minimum investment: 1 ETH
  • Soft cap: 300 ETH
  • Duration: 2017-12-07 to 2018-03-31

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Current is an online multimedia decentralized platform that uses blockchains technology for its operation. It is a multimedia-based ecosystem with a unique concept. The users of this Current platform will be able to streamline specific video or audio clips or music from the different types of multimedia networks like Spotify, Youtube and SoundCloud and so on. Current application is easy to use, which can be downloaded from the google play store. Read In-depth Current Review.

Current ICO Review - How to buy CRNC Tokens

Merits of using Current ecosystem:

  • Offering rewards to creators for the partner network contents.
  • Current will offer rewards to consumers, depending on the extent of consumption or usage.
  • It will offer to curators for the curation of playlists obtained from a variety of content networks.
  • Retention of user data and advertisement revenue.

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