Hello! I happened to see this project in the internet and would like to introduce and discuss it
About SANCOJ project!

Token and Funds
Total Supply:100,000,000,000 token
ICO: 50%
Future Use (To be locked for 2 years) 30%
Team (To be locked for 6 months) 5%
Partnership Appreciation 2%
Bounty 1%
Air Drop & Reward pool 1%
Advisors 1%
Token to be distribtuted 50 billion
Softcap 500 ETH
Hardcap 70,000 ETH @ 850 per ETH
Unsold Token To be burnt
Date Of Token Allocation Immediately
Accepted Currencies BTC & ETH
PRE-ICO : $0.0005 (1 ETH = 1,700,000)
ICO: week 1 - 4: 0,001 - 0,0012 - 0,0014 - 0,0016

SANCOJ was built on the ETHEREUM blockchain with a Suggestive Artificial Intelligence Agent ZINGO. They Charge 0% Commistion
The word "SANCOJ" is an Esperanto word which means "OPPORTUNITIES" in English. It is that simple. Sancoj means opportunities. The Sancoj project intends to offer Opportunities to everyone for free (at zero transaction cost). We know that the word opportunity has very wide meanings and can be interpreted to be a job, project contract, event, learning, certification, socializing, talent management/enhancement, buying and selling, business acquisition, distributorship or franchising, etc. That is why we have used our hybrid algorithm to synchronize all of them into one simple platform while also allowing the user to make use of our Artificial intelligent Agent (Zingo) in making sensitive opportunity discovery and decisions.

The Sancoj logo

Everything about the SANCOJ project was carefully crafted to bring success to its users

Green Color In the Logo: Means green grass, productivity, opportunities, greener pasture, smart work, chlorophyll that helps attract light (energy)

Dark blue Color in the Logo: Means wealth, success, confidence, intelligence, stability and security.

Position of green color in The Logo: Green is the basis because green is productivity, smart work, etc which is the foundation that will produce the upper result.

Position of Blue Color in logo: Shows wealth, success and stability which was produced by productivity and smart work. Conclusively, the green and blue color, marries each other in the SANCOJ logo to produce wealth and stability to users.

About Zingo

Zingo is an Artificial Intelligence Agent built into the Sancoj platform to analyze user data and suggest the most profitable opportunities to the user. We noticed that many people make career decisions based on their area of specialization and training, current financial status, current location, family ties, etc. They do not take into consideration the possibilities that other factors can offer.

With SANCOJ, They will Solve
1. Sancoj uses its simple interface, powered by an advanced synchronization algorithm to bring most of your internet needs in one place: you can chat, buy businesses, franchise, lend money, get fund, etc and socialize. With Sancoj, you are secured, you spend less time and energy to get the most important things done and this increases your productivity level.
2. Sancoj offers zero cost transaction. Meaning that if you do a job through Sancoj and get paid, you keep 100% of the proceeds. We do not take any commission unless you advertise or engage in special a request.
3. Sancoj is built on the powerful Ethereum Blockchain which runs with no central governance, thereby putting power in the hands of the users. Any agreement reached on Sancoj by users, is backed and executed through the immutable Ethereum smart contracts. Payments are transferred peer-to-peer and not by admin or Sancoj's account department. This means that once a user makes an intended payment order, its goes directly from sender's wallet to receiver's wallet, securely and instantly.
4. The Sancoj platform utilizes the power of its escrow system in reducing fraud. Users can ask business partners to put money on escrow, pending the fulfillment of their agreement. Once agreed conditions are fulfilled, the user releases funds. This protects both parties.
5. Sancoj provides an advance arbitration module and qualified legal personnel to handle negotiations, discord or disagreement resolutions if users fail to sort their issues through a dialogue.
6. Sancoj allows it's advanced Artificial Intelligence Agent (Zingo) to think for users, analyze mental, physical, social and environmental capabilities of the user, suggest opportunities and predicts the user's success rate par the suggested opportunity.
7. Sancoj makes it simple. Zingo analyses the financial needs of a user, seeks a solution by helping the user to find a solution. Zingo suggest funders, informs funders, persuades funders, negotiates payback strategies with funders and secures fund if approved for the user.
8. The Sancoj project will make use of a debit card. Sancoj's debit card will allow users spend their SANC token on POS, ATM and online platforms around the world. Due to the daily transaction limit associated with debit cards, Sancoj intends to add an advanced module for international bulk fund settlements powered by a licensed financial group with operations in most parts of the world. This will allow users with big amounts to access their funds in bulk without restrictions or liquidity limits
9. Our project monitoring module allows opportunity owners to authorize the public to monitor projects on their behalf and report accordingly. Example: A road construction project can be monitored by individuals around the construction area. The individual can take real time pictures and videos of completed or ongoing work and post them on the Sancoj platform. This will reduce bribery of the supposed monitoring team and the reporting of fake job status.
10. Since all opportunity types can utilize the bidding tools, the competitiveness amongst opportunity seekers will increase. Example: if user a wants to lend his token for 20% interest rate, seeing another funder willing to give at 15% will make him recheck his strategies.

They will sales Pre-ICO in 16-23 April 2018 and ICO in 1-30 May 2018 and go to 2 exchange in 18 July.

I want to talk with anyone in here! this is a good project! they have amazing team, price cheap and road map very good! And now they airdrop to marketing their coin! You can go to, register and do more task to have coin!
Thank you everyone

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