Sancoj the Fisrt World's Opportunity Supermarket

I believe many of us will be asking what sancoj is.

What is sancoj?

“sancoj” is an esparanto word which means “OPPORTUNITIES” in English. It is that simple. sancoj means opportunities. The sancoj project intends to offer Opportunities to everyone for free (at zero transaction cost)

We know that the word opportunity has very wide meanings and can be interpreted to be a job, project contract, events, learning, certification, socializing, talent management/enhancement, buying and selling, business acquisition, distributorship or franchising, etc. That is why we have used our hybrid algorithm to sychronize all of them into one simple platform while also allowing the user to make use of our Artificial intelligent Agent (Zingo) in making sensitive opportunity discovery and decisions.

sancoj uses its simple interface, powered by advanced sychronization algorithm to bring most of your internet needs in one place: you can chat, buy businesses, franchise, lend money, get fund, etc and socialize. With sancoj, you are secured, you spend less time and energy to get most things done and this increases your productivity level.

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