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I'm mining in http://ethpool.org, which has a credit system, when I reach 100% I'll get a block. Lately, I guess it's because of difficulty increase, my percentage is going backwards. I was close to 60% at the beginning of January, now at 50% :neutral:

I've decided to change to their twin pool at https://ethermine.org, but the help page "Transfer unpaid balances / credits from one wallet to another" in FAQ is not helpful. Their service desk unfortunately is neither helpful...

Anyone could change the pool without losing the credits?
Could someone explain step by step?

There're some values I need to understand:

- From Address: I believe is my current pool address? In case it's not, please help me providing the way to know it.

- Signed Message using From Address or Private Key of the From Address, I don't know which method I should use to sign it...which option should I use?
Metamask / Mist
Ledger Wallet
Digital Bitbox
Keystore / JSON File
Mnemonic Phrase
Private Key
Parity Phrase

- To Address: The new wallet?
- Mining Address: Isn't the same as the previous value?

Thank you for your help! :smile:
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