6x R580 Rig and i cant optimize it ....Help please :/

SackofFluorSackofFluor Member Posts: 2
Hey Guys!

I come to you with great dispair :neutral:

I set up a GPU mining rig consisting of 5x Powercolor RX50 8GB and 1x RX580 4GB

Yesterday i was running 158MH/s Eth + 4800Mh/s Decred. ( Using 1050 W)

Iam using the Claymore Dual Miner to farm Ethereum and Decred...

My problem now is, i am entirely uncapable of optimizing the whole process....

All the "common" corespeeds and memory speeds ( like 1125 / 2150) are just crushing my hashing rate...
Going under -20 powerlimit = crushed hashing rate
Setting the cvddc like some suggested to 830 = you guessed it, crushed mining rate...

MSI Afterburner does not allow me to limit the core voltage at all (greyed out).

I tried a myriad of new vbios and even the "on click tuning" of the new Polaris...

After i tried again to "optimize" my hashrate now is 124Mh/s Eth + 3700Mh/s Decred and i cant even "properly" go back to my know state, even though that GPU-Z shows me the same values as there are in the software itself?!

Does anybody has an idea how i can approach these problems and tweak my rig and further ( or at all ? )




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