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Hi I want to introduce Cryptogold,

Cryptogold was founded in August 2016 in Germany with the aim to mine coins
with the help of appropriate hardware. Since June 2017, this is now open to
all. As a community, we can participate by buying pools on the
Mininghardware and get corresponding distributions in Coins.

How can I earn money with Cryptogold?
With Cryptogold, we can earn money in 2 ways. On the one hand, of course,
our own pools, which regularly mine coins onto our wallets. These coins can
then be sold at any time on the official exchanges or directly from the
wallet or used for shopping.
In addition to the Mining, Cryptogold also has a binary MLM plan, so
everyone can earn additional money through referral marketing.

Earningpossibility no. 1 by mining pool
We provide CryptoGold with an amount of X with which they buy Mining
Hardware and we participate in a "Mining Pool". You can choose from
different starting sizes, which are divided as follows

1. 50€ –> Starter-Pool

2. 100€ –> Starter-Pool

3. 500€ –> Bronze-Pool

4. 1000€ –> Silber-Pool

5. 2000€ –> Gold-Pool

6. 3500€ –> Platin-Pool

7. 5000€ –> Diamond-Pool

What packages are available?
Mining packages for Bitcoin, zCash, Dash, Litecoin and Etherium are
currently available.

Important: The pools are running Lifetime!

The daily allowance can not be quantified precisely, since it varies daily
in mining. There is also a 50/50 rule. 50% of the income is paid directly to
your wallet once a week, the other 50% are used to cover maintenance costs,
as well as regularly renew the hardware.

Earning possibility no. 2 by team building
The second way to earn money at CryptoGold is the partner set-up. There are
4 different types.

1. Downline Teams (commission on new purchase)

The commissions are divided into 4 levels and are structured as follows:

DL team 1:
For the first and second directly sponsored partners,
there is 6% commission on newly purchased pools.

DL-Team 2: For the third, fourth and fifth directly sponsored
partner, there is a 7% commission on purchased pools. In addition, there is
1% commission on the purchases of the first and second directly sponsored
persons of these partners. As well as 1% for purchases of the first two
sponsored persons.

DL team 3: For the sixth, seventh and eighth directly sponsored
partners, there is 8% commission on newly purchased pools. In addition,
there are 2% commission on the purchases of the first and second directly
sponsored persons as well as on their first two downliners. Added to this
are 1% Provsioin for the 3, 4 and 5 sponsored person in the Downline Team 3

DL team 4: From the 9th directly sponsored partner and for all
others there is 9% commission on purchased pools. In addition there are 2%
Provisonen for their first and second sponsored partners in DL team 4.
Another 1% exists for their third, fourth and fifth partner. For their
sixth, seventh and eighth partners there is also 1% commission.

2. Downline Team (Provision on repurchases)

This bonus uses the same structure as described above, but the difference
here is that there are higher rates of partial share purchases and
buy-backs. As a reminder, 50% of the mining results are used for this
As explained above, automatically after a certain time the hardware is
renewed and on this purchase of the hardware there are also commissions.
I save the exact explanation of the individual teams, as explained above and
lead only the%.

Team 1: 10% commission

Team 2: 12% commission + 2% commission on their partner

Team 3: 15% commission + 5% commission on their partner + 3% commission on their partner

Team 4: 18% commission + 8% commission on their partner + 6% commission on their + 3% commission on their partner

3. Generationen Bonus (Commission on new purchase):

Someone in Downline Team 4 has now also 9 partners and thus a downline Team
4 built up? Then there is the generations bonus, which looks as follows:
Generation 1 = 1% (Team 4 from Team 4)

If a personally sponsored partner has 9 partners in their own team 4, there
is 1% on each new as well as repurchase
Generation 2 = 0.5% (team 4 from a team 4 from a team 4)

Same example as above only one level lower. Here there is then 0.5% on each
new as well as repurchase.
Generation 3 = 0.5% (Team 4 from a team 4 from a team from a team 4)

I know it is hard to understand, but ultimately only means, as many people
inscribe as goes and build the depth. CryptoGold also calculates this for us

4th generation bonus (commission on repurchase):

Again, the same structure is used as with a new purchase, but now is
calculated on returns:
Generation 1 = 2%
Generation 2 = 1%
Generation 3 = 1%

5. Binary team bonus

Important to be eligible for this, it is necessary to pay a one-time fee of
$ 79. In addition, you must have bought at least a pool of $ 500. In order
to be eligible for the binary bonus you must also sponsor min. 1 partner
left and one partner right . A binary tree looks as follows:

As you can see, here you have 2 legs, one left and one right. It is usually
in a binary system that you only have to build one leg, since the other is
built up from the top by the Uplines.

For each $ 500 full sold in the binary tree, you get 5 credits. For a $ 100
you get 1 credit. For a $ 50 pool, there are 0.5 credits.

Payment is made after one cycle and as soon as one cycle is finished, you will receive $ 200 which will be paid
out to you in Bitcoins.

The possible cycles per day are limited and dependent on the respective
rank, which are composed as follows:

Eg: You have reached the rank "Gold", so you can max. 1000 $ over the binary

For each paid $ 200 cycle, there is another $ 80 payment to the Upline, over
a maximum of 8 levels. The ranks are as follows:

If someone in the 8 levels of the upline is not quailified, the one is
simply skipped, the 80 $ are always paid to 8 people.

For the first level you do not have to qualify, each member starts with the
silver rank. To earn Level 3 you have to qualify for the Gold Rank, for
Level 5 Platinum and so on ...

The ranking system is as follows:

Example using gold rank:
1. In the structure, a total of $ 10,000 has been created, such as 10 people
with a $ 1,000 pool each
2. Min. 5 persons sponsored (own at least 500USD in pools)
3. These 5 persons must also have min. 2 people with active pools sponsored
From the Diamond rank, there is a 50% rule existing to be met per month

Payment and Withdrawl:

The 50% payouts are made directly in the backoffice and can be paid out afterwards!

Deposits are possible by Payeer and BTC.

Anyone interested in Cryptogold can contact me: HERE send email, watch some VIDEOS for more explanation or REGISTER directly

Happy Mining



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    (N) ONE Coin - (N) ONE Wallet

    We would like to remind you once again that you have to enter a different wallet address for each coin. You can enter these in your profile.

    If there is no wallet address behind a coin then no payout can take place.

    Instant Payment

    The payment option of Sofort Überweisung is available again immediately.
    Further payment options can be found in our FAQs.

    Changes in the design

    You will not have noticed that we have made a few improvements in the design.
    In the dashboard you can find our icons that you know from our roll-ups.

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    News about the BackOffice

    We have ours
    Voice network further expanded!

    Since we are an internationally operating company, we are constantly working to expand our languages.

    In this way we can reach our users even better and can make their operation easier or provide them in their own language.

    We've adjusted the graphics in the dashboard to our familiar icons that you know from our roll-ups.

    The BTC ad in the dashboard is primary.
    Here you will always see the updated daily course of Bitcoin.

    The payment option of the SOFORT transfer
    only applies to certain countries .
    Please inform yourself on the website of SOFORT!

    Even more security for you, that means:

    You will receive a confirmation email for payment requests

    You will receive a confirmation email
    Changes to the e-mail address

    An e-mail change only works
    if the NEW and the OLD address are reachable and the change is confirmed.
    Otherwise the e-mail address remains unchanged!

    We changed 2FA !

    We have changed the algorithm on 2FA and that fixes the login issues. If you are not able to use 2 FA after the conversion, please empty your browser cache and try again.

    The 2 FA code is regenerated every minute.

    News about the frontend

    In terms of merchandising, there will soon be high-quality polo shirts for women and men in addition to the roll-up. In addition, we are currently making a " Ledger Nano S" Cold Wallet special edition.

    Orders run exclusively through our shop.
    Visit the shop

    News about the support


    There is consequently no support via e-mail!
    Exception: problems with login.
    All other user questions are to be asked about the ticket system.

    In order to further reduce support times and to be able to provide international support, we will further strengthen our team in terms of personnel.
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