Spectiv VR is the Alpha Dog

Why Spectiv VR’s November Release is Something You Need to Be a Part of?

We’ll get you up to speed as fast as possible. Once upon a time, VR was a distant dream. Then, years later, a kid in his garage made VR a powerful dream again. Then, the industry sputtered and struggled as tech developed—and once proper VR headsets and VR software was in order, the golden question became: How in the world do we deliver VR content?

Well, here’s where the story really begins: Spectiv VR came along and combined two things that were made to go together. A new medium for content creators to succeed, and a powerful, decentralized block-chain platform that bridged cryptocurrencies with real, feasible earning potential for those creators.

The result is a virtual reality streaming platform with seamless advertising integrations that reward creators and viewers without taking personal info. Spectiv VR just landed a major presale, and now, with all eyes on the platform, Spectiv VR Alpha 1 will roll out in early November.

Creators will be able to upload content, viewers will be able to browse through libraries of original content and VR experiences, and all user accounts will offer a wealth of services and features. Then, on December 8th, 2107, the official token sale will launch—where users will be able to purchase Signal Tokens to exchange for content.

If you’re into VR, Spectiv VR’s alpha is something you’re going to want to take part in—and not only because you will be able to use Spectiv VR’s platform before it officially goes live. Spectiv VR will be offering an early-bird bonus for qualifying participants, on top of the already competitive $0.50 Signal Token cost. With $40 million in Signal Tokens to be available, this is your chance to take VR by storm.


To learn more about the features and incentives available to early adopters looking for the highest caliber of immersive entertainment, go online to SpectivVR.com, today!


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