Inconsistent mining hashrate

bigrigmanbigrigman Member Posts: 2
Hey All
I just built myself a miner with 5 x 580 amd cards they hash at 30mhs each for a few rounds then drop to 15mhs then back up to 30. On my pool stats it shows avg hashrate at 100mhs Has anyone else experienced this? ive attached a photo


  • ciprianptciprianpt Member Posts: 215 ✭✭
    for how long is running ?
  • bigrigmanbigrigman Member Posts: 2
    been running like that for a week
  • greybeardgreybeard Member Posts: 18
    @bigrigman , yep. I see similar behavior. One of my four gpu will drop mh/s rates after several hours of mining at good rates. My fix is reboot and start over. Feels stupid to have that be an operational recovery mode.
  • PpotPpot Member Posts: 1
    change your pool or Internet conecction. Your ping is too high.
  • Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 94
    maybe the overclock and the power
  • greybeardgreybeard Member Posts: 18
    I tried some more easy things. No joy, but I noticed some odd behaviors, maybe @bigrigman sees those as well. I tried changing mainboard BIOS settings -> disable on-board video. Plugged the display into gpu0 and mined for a while. The drop off problem happened much, much faster. So, I revert from that.

    One other funny thing. Claymore miner has suggested environment variables that are set at the top of "start_only_eth.bat". In my setup, I can mine at faster hashrate for longer time without those env vars being set. When I set those vars, I can only mine for a couple hours before one or more cards start to drop in performance. Without vars set, I can mine 8-10 hours before the drop off.
  • greybeardgreybeard Member Posts: 18
    @bigrigman , sorry I don't mean to hijack your thread. I made a tweak to all cards VBIOS. Now I do not see the hashrate drop off after mining like before, all 4 gpu stay at ~30-31 mh/s. Trick was flashing each card's gpu freq, mem freq, and mem power to specific values, and not the same values for each card. Good luck.
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