How to Make $100 $75M in 5 Years?

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We’ve all heard about Bitcoin Already. Here’s the Next One!

The Bitcoin blitzkrieg is over. FIINU is the next big thing.

We’ve all heard about how $100 in 2011 is now worth over $75,000,000 today. Wow, okay—so you missed the boat. How many people could have possibly predicted that?

Well—now you can. It’s painfully obvious just how incredibly powerful cryptocurrencies are becoming, and how they will be the path towards greater wealth in the future. Blockchains are blockbusters and those who don’t get on board now are going to be left behind.

But, why buy Bitcoins now? They’re bloated—and barred from a wealth of features.

New cryptocurrencies are using and integrating new services that are leveraging their coin value into the stratosphere—and FIINU is the one seeded to rise the fastest.

FIINU, which is launching a special pre-ICO sale right now, is driven by a UK-based, tech bank, which will offer retail banking services and products. Why is this the watershed moment? Well, blockchain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are blocked by the fact that not enough merchants are using them yet. But, with a bank at the helm, serving as a conduit for highly competitive returns and profits—merchants will come running, and so will investors. FINNU even has safeguards in place to ensure that investors get their investments back if banking licenses do not move forward.

That means FIINU is set to grow, and fast.

Right now, you can be the person that put their hundred dollars down on the first wave of cryptocurrencies in 2010 and 2011. With FIINU’s full ICO happening in November, this is the fast-track. You can get in now and reap the benefits before the price to enter gets higher and higher.

Plus, FIINU’s bank means you’ll have more avenues in which to leverage your cryptocurrency investment, too. You can learn more and invest at


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