New Bitmain ASIC/GPU miner

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Just saw the news that bitmain have released an etherium miner running at 220mhs. It's only available on the Chinese version of the site for now. Depending on power usage they may be a game changer or an non starter.


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    the algorytm of ETH was create specialy for no asic ..
    so it's dedicated gpu like pandaminer ... expensive and useless if profit go down , no resell possibility, so it's stupid to buy , better to do a rig yourself , bitmain as good caracteristiques products (asic) , but life quality sux , 95% of stuff is down after 5 month ~ to resume --> chinese way. the money you send them will be to research for AI in futur , china will control the world then :D :D :disappointed:
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    yodi said:

    95% of stuff is down after 5 month

    You get this from where?
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    BitMain Apparently Releasing 8x GPU AMD and Nvidia Miners in China

    It seems that BitMain is willing to extend its presence from just the ASIC mining market as the company is apparently releasing two new devices for miners that are essentially dedicated GPU miners. For now the devices dubbed G1 with 8x GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs and G2 with 8x Radeon RX570 GPUs are only listed on the Chinese website of the company with prices only in CNY. This means that they are most likely targeted initially for the Chinese miners market and may not be sold outside of the country. Inside the server like cases we are expecting to see mining versions of the GPUs being used as this is the way to go with such solutions intended for large scale mining operations and not for small home miners. As one would expect the devices are targeted at Ethereum (ETH) miners with hashrates listed for the Ethash mining algorithm, though you should in theory be able to mine pretty much any other cryptocoin that can be mined with GPU. The first batch of GPU miners from BitMain is apparently for 500 units of each.

    BitMain G1 8x GTX 1060 GPUs:
    – CPU: Inter Broadwell-u 3215 or 3205
    – Memory: 4GB SO-DIMM, DDR3 / L-1600
    – Hard disk: 1 x Msata 64G SSD
    – Ethernet: 1 x 10M / 100M / 1000Mbps (Intel I210-AT)
    – USB interface: 2 x USB 2.0
    – Display interface: 1 x HDMI
    – Graphics card: 8 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060
    – Hashrate: ETH Hash Rate: 200MHash ± 10%
    – Carton size: 530mm x 320mm x 160mm
    – Weight: 12.5Kg (without power)
    – Price: 18700 CNY or about $2863 USD

    BitMain G2 8x RX 570 GPUs:
    – CPU: Inter Skylake-s G3900-LGA1151, PCH-B150
    – Memory: 8GB UDIMM, DDR4 -2133
    – Hard disk: 1 x 2.5inch Sata 128G SSD
    – Ethernet: 1 x 10M / 100M / 1000Mbps (Intel I210-AT)
    – USB interface: 2 x USB 3.0
    – Display interface: 1 x VGA
    – Graphics card: 8 x AMD Radeon RX570, GDDR5
    – Hashrate: ETH Hash Rate: 220MHash ± 10%
    – Carton size: 555mm x 445mm x 132mm
    – Weight: 15Kg (including power)
    – Price: 19700 CNY or about $3016 USD

    There is no mention of power usage and what power supplies are included in the miners or you need to take care of this on your own. Based on the description of the miners it is possible that the G1 does come without a PSU (there are external PCI-E power connectors on the chassis) while the G2 may actually have one built-in (judging from the photos), but it is not very clear. No information of the GPUs inside are mining edition cards or not, nor what is the amount of video memory of the video cards used 3/6GB for Nvidia or 4/8GB for AMD. These are all things that people interested in GPU miners would really be interested in and currently they are not being listed as details.

    BitMain Apparently Releasing 8x GPU AMD and Nvidia Miners in China

    Publication date:
    09/13/2017 - 13:54
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    im sure the power usage is similar to any 8gpu rig
    this isnt for hobby or small farm buyers
    this is definitely for someone who needs a lot of units in one shipment
    that can be up and running faster than individually unpacking and installing components
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    samjankus said:

    yodi said:

    95% of stuff is down after 5 month

    You get this from where?
    - From different people who buy lot of stuff from them , from different plateform , and if you use waranty they are uncapable to indicate it on order paper for return ... and guess what you pay again custom... but you can't pay custom twice if you are sending back product for repare, you think that's a serious company ?

    - They answer rarely to you , and sending price is for you to.
    - You will spend hour to try buying it , cause their website sux when batch is release to buy

    To resume only pleasure (i'm joking) . People are fished by asic stats , but they are the fish right ?... profit will fall to, as we warned all new miners who comes some month ago to ethereum ... but no one listen and now they are crying about profit loss, and i can't imagine the ones who pay 300$ ++ for 1 RX5xx gpu

    i have personally not get bad experience with bitmain ... cause i dont like swimming close to rope :D

    The best "smart" guys are the ones who get 1st batch and sell it 5x the original price or more ... cause they know about difficulty and quality product ! ask yourself why they sell it ? when they can get the same money in some month ? not only because it 's fast cash, because they know .... cause they are not fish. B)

    did i need to say again for the end ... asic = no resell , no value (and for this chinese quality)

    i agree with cidmo about the eth miner , it's only for big compagny. get the same yourself for same price and have resell value ....
    the last rig i did in june -> 8x msi rx570 gpu cost to me 2000€ ~218Mhs, why to spend 3000$ ? i know price is a bit higher today for gpu but you don't go to 3000

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    Dont forget warranty will be probabaly max 6 months.
    So i better choose RIG ,and in long run it is way better .
    And there is a lot positive benefits :D
    So summary ,do it change the game ? No !
    Do its change dificulty ,probabaly f*** ye :(
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