Inconsistant Chaindata with geth

ddaemenddaemen Member Posts: 1
Dear all,

I have following problem: my Chaindata of Geth is constant inconsistant. I mean: it is constantly syncing and when it has the last block synced it starts all over again with 0?? Also when I start Geth I receive messages of removing duplicates in database. And it takes about 5 min's to start Syncing. My Chaindata folder is now 42 GB, and a complete Sync takes about 4/5 hours to complete (Without --fast). I have also tried --cache=1024, but it only speeds up the Sync process.
Sometimes it just "hangs" for about 30 and I receive messages of "dropping peers". Or "Received block header is invalid". Or "Lied about....".
But I had seen on other forums that the last messages or no big deal.

Sometimes get.syncing gives me false in stead the number of block to sync, even when I removed the Chaindata folder.
Also my miner gives me frequent false positives. After receiving "Solution found" I see indeed my balance growing, but after restart of Geth all balance is gone and reset to 0. admin.peers gives me always 2 to 4 peers, so I'm connected. Also Peercount gives me mostly 4.

I'm on Windows 10 x64 "Creators edition".
I have tried using Get 1.6.7 and also the unstable 1.7.0.
I use only 1 XFX R9 280x black edition.
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