Undervolt in wattman resetting itself? Changes lose their effect over time.

hellohahelloha Member Posts: 18
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So I'm undervolting and underclocking the 570 to decrease power draw.

When mining I'm using wattman to change the values and hit apply, I see the number on the power meter at the wall drop with 30-40 watt.

When I pause mining or restart the power goes back up to the same value before. When I make a minor adjustment in wattman (1 millivolt) and hit apply again, it drops 30-40 watt again.

When leaving it like this, I come back after 24h I see the wattage has climbed again with 30-40 watt. I have to hit apply again to drop it.

Anyone know what is going on? Is it a bug somewhere? I'm using the blockchain driver on win 10.


  • headshot155headshot155 Member Posts: 158 ✭✭
    I gave up on wattman and now use WattTool, I can run a bat file to run when I start windows and it automatically sets the voltage offsets - suddenly changing voltages, even with the new blockchain drivers, has become much easier.
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