Looking for a Ethereum Core Dev

We are looking for a long term ethereum Core Dev for the future
We are a start up based in Singapore, low budget at the moment. We have a business plan that we would like to take forward. But for that we will need a Ethereum Core Dev familiar with Ethereum smart Contract, IPFS (Interplanatary file System)....

The position in the future would require the Core Dev to move to Singapore on a long term employment contract.
We do not hold a decent budget to afford a big salary at this moment and would look for someone that would accept payment by getting 5% of the company shares, after ICO the Core Dev would of course receive a monthly salary on top of that.

This is a serious business proposition, if you don't like the content please do not spam with unwanted comments, i prefer to be honest about the conditions we offer instead of selling you lies to try achieve our goal.

Thank you for understanding.

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